Anurag's four pack!

Apr 24, 2013, 07:30 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Success could not have happened to a nicer guy. He's young, trendy and, best of all, un-pompous, so when celebrated indie film maker Anurag Kashyap has not one, two, three but four films showing at Cannes this year it's time to pop the bubbly big time

>> Success could not have happened to a nicer guy. He’s young, trendy and, best of all, un-pompous, so when celebrated indie film maker Anurag Kashyap has not one, two, three but four films showing at Cannes this year it’s time to pop the bubbly big time.

Film maker Anurag Kashyap promoting his film Ugly

Not only has his film Ugly been chosen to make its world premiere in the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes (following on the heels of his two-part Gangs of Wasseypur in the same section last year) along with films like Blue Ruin (Jeremy Saulnier) La Fille Du 14 Juillet (Antonin Peretjako) Henri (Yolande Moreau) Magic Magic (Sebastian Silva) and Me Myself and Mum (Guillaume Gallienne), but other films that he has produced or contributed to have been represented in every program category in the prestigious 66th Cannes Film Festival. From the main line up that features Bombay Talkies and Monsoon Shootout to the Critics’ Week, which will show Dabba along with Ugly in the non competitive Director’s Fortnight.

Finally, in the 100th year of cinema — a world-class director with world class recognition.

We like!

Director’s Cut
>> And though we don’t have any provenance over this picture that’s eliciting much delight on the net — we couldn’t help but share it.

Satyajit Ray, Michelangelo Antonioni and Akira Kurosawa

After all a sepia photograph that features three of the world’s most celebrated directors Satyajit Ray, Michelangelo Antonioni and Akira Kurosawa and that too at the Taj Mahal. What more can one ask for? Here it is folks. They don’t make them like they did before — did they?

Wish you were here!
>> When the lovely Madhu Sapre left India she broke many a fashion designer’s heart: few could walk the ramp as stylishly and with such attitude as this clothes horse from Mumbai.

Madhu Sapre

But from Italy where she settled with husband and daughter came postcards of a good life: holidays in Spain, St Moritz and the Caribbeans, but nothing proved the timelessness of real beauty and peerless cheekbones as this recent picture. ‘Post baby Indira. April 2013’ was the cryptic caption.

Hairy Tales
>> “I was seventeen or eighteen. We were in Hong Kong around the time my father started Asiaweek. It was somebody’s birthday and we were going out for dinner. My father took the photo. That’s all I remember,” says the noted writer poet musician and hirsute-ly challenged Jeet Thayil of this picture that elicited much comment when he posted it on a social networking site.

Jeet Thayil

From “The only thing that’s changed is the hair” to “I remember that glorious mane” to “You already look like trouble with a Capital T” to “You look like Mithun (Chakrabarty),” the handsome author was subjected to much teasing by friends and admirers.

“I posted it on Mother’s Day and the flower (in his lapel) is from my mother’s balcony garden in Hong Kong,” says the writer whose debut novel Narcopolis won the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2013, was short-listed for the Man Asian Literary Prize (2012) and The Hindu Literary Prize (2013) and is in the race for the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize 2013.

Incidentally, Thayil is the son of one of India’s most respected editors and columnists, Padma Bhushan awardee TJS George who also authored a slew of titles including The First Refuge of Scoundrels: Politics in Modern India (Chennai: Express Publications, 2003) and MS — A Life in Music, (New Delhi: HarperCollins, 2004.)

That he got his writing chops from his dad was long known but what this picture clearly establishes is that his angelic fine and delicate features can be traced to his pretty mum Ammu!

Happy homecoming
>> It couldn’t have been a better homecoming! Flying in to Bangalore from LA yesterday after almost 3 months, young Siddhartha Mallya got the best homecoming gift ever when Royal Challenger’s Chris Gayle hit a record breaking, crowd stunning, 175 off 66 balls against the Pune Warriors in Bangalore.

Chris Gayle

And even though the cameras have been following a strict order of not shooting team owners, they couldn’t help picking up candid close-ups of the delighted young lad.

Siddhartha Mallya

But alas, he appeared to be divested of arm candy and PDA ops this time around. A certain Miss Padukone is a thing of the past remember?

Return to sender
>> Gift giving to politicians is a tricky affair. When a controversial and (recently) beleaguered senior minister was sent a diamond studded Vertu phone which according to one source cost as much as a small apartment on Cumballa Hill he promptly donated it to a temple.

Much of the same occurred in Delhi not so long ago and any one on the Capital’s grapevine can tell you the details of the Rolls Royce that a young and
aspiring industrialist sent to his party’s Prince as a way of ingratiating himself into his inner circle.

So showy and politically incorrect was the gift that it was promptly sent back.

It’s called looking a gift horse in the mouth. Best to stick to suitcases we say. 

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