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Aug 27, 2015, 07:59 IST | Hassan M Kamal, an online home decor and design store, adds virtual reality to its Android app, enabling consumers to get a 360-degree view of its room designs using cardboard VR viewer

Virtual reality has upped the ante when it comes to online shopping, giving consumers a 360-degree view of products right on their smart phone. All you may need is a cardboard virtual reality headset. Now, banking on this technology,, an online retail store for home decor and design products, recently launched VR views of its room designs via its app, Foyr, now available on Android smart phones.

A screenshots of the’s Android app showcasing a room design; (right) the room design in VR mode
A screenshots of the’s Android app showcasing a room design; (right) The room design in VR mode

All you have to do is select your room design, press the VR button on the app to enable the VR mode, put your phone on one of the inexepensive VR viewers made of cardboard. And you are good to go. The app offers a 360-degree view of 150 plus exquisite room designs. We tested it on the One Plus VR viewer, we received recently, and we have to admit, the experience was simply amazing. Though we would have loved to get VR views of individual products, but neverthless, it’s still a good try.

However there’s more. With’s app, you also get to check an inventory of 2000+ designs. Also check how they would look in your room, using its ‘See in your room’ feature, which enables users to take a photograph of their room and drag-drop furniture items to visualise how it would look in their room. So, if you have a cardboard VR kit lying around, download the app and get a 360-degree view of some amazing home designs, and if you don’t, see the box below on how to get one or even better, make one yourself.

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Make a virtual reality headset at home
If you are the creative type, you can download the manufacturers kit for free from The kit includes all the schematics and designs of the cardboard virtual reality headset, including templates for scissor-cut, laser-cut as well as die-cut and the specs and materials list required to build one at home.
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Order it home You can buy partly-assembled (for Rs 325) and fully-assembled (Rs 350 onwards) cardboard VR kits in India from It also sells a fully plastic body VR headset for Rs 650. The online retailer offers plenty of DIY VR headset kits and fully assembled kits, but they are slightly expensive as compared to those sold by

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