App review: Edmodo - The classroom gets social

Jan 12, 2015, 07:05 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Edmodo is a new mobile app that makes learning social by allowing students and teachers to collaborate, share and interact with each other, 24x7, via a smartphone

With classrooms becoming more interactive and students linked to the outside world 24x7 on their smartphones, it seems even more viable to use this existing setup to build a stronger and more collaborative relationship between teachers, students and parents. The mobile app Edmodo aims to provide this connect.


Taking the classroom activities out on the cloud, and making them accessible to each participating member, the app makes learning social, allowing students and teachers to collaborate, share and participate in different projects.

While for teachers, it acts as a platform to conduct regular pop-up quizzes, in-classroom polls, announce and manage new projects, as well as alert students and parents about deadlines, students can interact and collaborate with teachers and other students, ask questions, answer quizzes, and submit assignments using their smartphone. As for parents, they can keep an eye on their child’s growth and performance using the live concrete analysis of student performance in various activities, and stay updated about various projects.

Developed by the namesake American company, the app offers something for everyone, and can become a useful addition to a modern, interactive classroom. While some of the knowledge-based services are available as part of its premium package, the app is available for free download on Android, iOS as well as Windows phones.

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