Apple `most discussed company` on Twitter

Oct 18, 2013, 14:40 IST | ANI

Apple is reportedly the `most discussed company` on microblogging site Twitter, statistics have revealed

According to the chart created by Statista, Apple’s cashtag ‘$AAPL’ was mentioned more than 83,000 times in August this year.

Apple is followed by Tesla Motors’ $TSLA and sinking smartphone maker BlackBerry comes third in the list with its tag ‘$BBRY’, Mashable reports.

The report said that the microblogging site launched the feature of cashtags in July 2012 in which it treats companies’ stock symbols like hashtags.

The top ten companies discussed the most on Twitter include:

1. Apple
2. Tesla Motors
3. BlackBerry
4. Facebook
5. Google
6. Microsoft
7. J.C Penney
8. Vringo
10. Netflix

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