Apple is the most valuable company, ever

Aug 22, 2012, 07:15 IST | Agencies

Overtaking Microsoft, the tech giant has a stock value of $623.51 billion

Apple dethroned longtime rival Microsoft as the most valuable company in history based on the value of its stock, which climbed to around $623.51 billion.

Apple’s stock began a steady rise late last week and hit a new high of $665.15 a share when the Nasdaq exchange closed amid rumours the tech giant is poised to release new versions of iPhone and Apple TV devices.

Apple shares inched up further in after-hours trading. Apple topped the record of nearly $619 billion set by software titan Microsoft in 1999, during the famed dot-com boom years.

“The record set today will continue to add positive sentiment to the stock, especially as we get closer to the end of the year,” said Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael James. “More portfolio managers are going to need to have an Apple.”

Apple shares began a rapid ascent on Friday after Jefferies investment bank analyst Peter Misek predicted the stock will hit $900 and predicted that the arrival of the iPhone 5 “will be the biggest handset launch in history.”

Jefferies reasoned that Apple is positioned to take a significant portion of the profit to be generated by hot trends in smartphones, tablet computers, and gadgets linking to the Internet on latest-generation 4G networks.

The Cupertino, California-based company is also believed to be readying a smaller version of its market-ruling iPad, and a revamped Apple TV box, referred to unofficially as iTV, that routes video or programming to televisions.

The surge in Apple’s stock price demonstrated that investors are confident that the next generation of gadgets from the culture-changing company will impress anew, according to James.

Investors also see promise in hot new Apple gadgets hitting the market in time for year-end holiday shopping, when the company’s products typically shine.

What you can buy for the price of 1 Apple share
These are some ways you can spend $665 (Rs 37,000), the cost of one Apple share:
>> 14 cases of McIntosh apples (more than 1,040 pieces of fresh fruit) home-delivered. $650 (Rs 36,121)
>>  One pair of Jimmy Choo apple-red patent-leather peep-toe pumps. $665 (Rs 36,950)
>>  Twenty-one shares of Microsoft stock. $645.54 (Rs 35,875), at Monday's closing price.
>>  Three BlackBerry PlayBook 7-inch tablets, alternatives to the iPad. About $606 (Rs 33,670)

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