Approver in 1993 blasts case gets threat calls

Aug 05, 2015, 06:59 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

The man received two calls in a span of 15 minutes the day after accused Yakub Memon was hanged

The day after 1993 blast accused Yakub Memon was hanged in Nagpur and buried in Mumbai on July 30, an approver in the case received a death threat from an unidentified man. The police are investigating who the caller was and have also given the approver protection.

Police said that the approver received a call on July 31 on his mobile phone. He was called twice by an unknown person late in the evening, in a period of 15 minutes. The approver told cops that the person during the first call said, “Tumne achcha nahi kiya, tumhe mein maar dunga” (You did a bad thing. I will kill you).

He got another call in just 15 minutes, in which the person said, “Jitna mazaa karna hai karlo tumhare din bhar gaye hai (Have as much fun as you want, your days are numbered).” Scared, the approver approached Byculla police station and gave the numbers from which the calls came.

A police official said, “The approver immediately informed us about it. The investigation is on. He has been given police protection.” The Byculla police have registered a non-cognisable offence and are investigating the matter.

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