Arabian stallion accused of 'raping and murdering' racehorse

Jan 28, 2013, 12:53 IST | ANI

A Malaysian lodged a report against a stallion for 'raping' and 'murdering' his racehorse

The 35-year-old owner of the mare lodged the report on Jan 21, to obtain the autopsy results from Universiti Putra Malaysia’s veterinary clinic on the cause of her death at a stable, the Star Online reported.

The businessman from Kampung Pandan Dalam, who was the victim’s owner, said that the results were needed as a proof to remove the suspect, an Arabian stallion, from the place before he attacked and killed other horses.

Hatke news, Arabian stallion accused of 'raping and murdering' racehorse

The owner was alerted by a caretaker of the stable who found the mare lying on the ground and shivering at about 8am that day.

The businessman said that the caretaker was shocked to find injuries on the head, bite marks on the back and the mare bleeding profusely from the private parts.

According to the report, the stallion was apparently left in the mare’s enclosure for a day due to space constraints at the stable.

The caretaker contacted a veterinarian from the Cheras Veterinary Department who confirmed that the mare was in a serious condition and needed urgent medical attention.

Another veterinarian from UPM’s veterinary unit came to provide medical aid at about 10am but the mare died about an hour later.

The businessman asserted that the initial checks by the second veterinarian showed the mare was probably “raped” and “killed” by the forcefulness of the stallion.

A police spokesman confirmed that the report was lodged.

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