Are they the dumbest criminals in the world?

Apr 09, 2013, 09:36 IST | A Correspondent

They say 'Never underestimate the power of stupidity' and in the case of these 'master criminals' the expression makes perfect sense. Have a laugh or two as we present to you those who don't deserve to belong in the world of crime at all...

New Facebook post: I am now a bank robber!
A bank robber in the US dubbed the 'Where's Waldo' is as dumb as they come -- the bandit was arrested after boasting about his raid on Facebook.

FBI agents seized Ryan Homsley after he updated his status message, as 'I'm now a bank robber', according to news reports.

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CCTV footage from a branch in Tualatin, near Portland, Oregon showed Homsley standing at the counter in red striped jumper with thick glasses and shaggy mop of brown hair. Homsley declared on his page that he was committing the robbery to pay medical bills and even posted one of the bank surveillance photos as his profile picture.

Friends said Homsley was a diabetic and was desperate for money to pay for his medical treatment. He was arrested by FBI agents two days after the bank raid while receiving treatment at hospital.

Thief steals CCTV cameras filming him!
A clumsy thief has been labelled Britain's dumbest criminal after he was caught on film allegedly stealing the very security cameras which filmed him.

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Armed with little more than a Swiss Army knife, the hapless thief spent four hours dismantling the equipment seemingly unaware his every move was being caught on camera.

The owner, a solicitor who is converting the premises into offices for his law firm, said: "Originally I was frustrated. But when I saw the footage I thought it was hilarious. The criminal underworld is going to be upset - he is giving them a bad name. He is practically kissing the camera at one stage," he added.

A thief with a resume!
A teen left a store with two video games without paying for them.

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When the police inquired at the store, a staffer gave them the CV of the suspect and revealed that he had applied for a job at the store sometime back. Cops went to the address mentioned on the CV and charged the youngster with shoplifting.

Dumb crook leaves name, contact details before robbery!
A thief in Christchurch, New Zealand, was said to have left behind his name and contact details after robbing the cash register in a record store. The man, a long-time customer, had come up to the counter with a copy of a music CD.

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He reportedly penned his name and personal information on a sticker pasted on the CD, which he requested to be held for him. And soon when the attendant went to help another client, the man leaned over the counter, opened the till, and grabbed money in full view of the store's eight surveillance cameras.

Give me my phone back!
A woman went to the police station and reported that her mobile phone had been stolen the night before. She said she had left it on her dining room table when a 34-year-old man visited her. Her phone went missing after the man left.

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The women knew the man and she gave his address to the police. When police visited the man, he said he knew nothing about the phone. The police then called on the number and heard the woman's phone ringing in the man''s bedroom.

Thereafter, the police claimed the phone and asked him to appear in court.

Cops give robbers 'a lift'
Two men allegedly robbed a hotel but did not have a vehicle to flee.

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They were forced to hitchhike and then used a 50 dollar note as bait to stop a Toyota sedan. The vehicle pulled over and the men jumped in only to be welcomed by two detectives in plain clothes. One man and one juvenile were charged with robbery.

Dumb thief covers fingerprints but shows face to security cameras!
A burglar in New York, who wore athletic socks to avoid leaving fingerprints, has been caught in security cameras that clearly show his face.

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"He's not a mastermind," local pizza shop owner Rico Intravaia was quoted as saying. Rico had lost 100 dollars to the young man after he smashed a glass door with a rock in his shop, a pizzeria, in Long Island. As the alarm sounded, the fleeing burglar dropped 10 dollars - and left behind one of his socks.

"It's like something from that TV show, 'America''s Dumbest Criminals','' Intravaia said.

Bakery robber traps himself in locked storeroom!
A bumbling would-be robber broke into a bakery in Australia only to find himself trapped in a locked storeroom.

The young man, was captured on CCTV footage desperately stacking up containers and shelves to climb out of the skylight, from where he had entered.

Hatke news, World's dumbest criminals

The footage also shows him desperately making calls from his mobile phone, presumably asking friends to come and help him escape. He eventually broke out of the room with a large gash on his head, but only after noticing the security camera and looking directly into the lens and leaving a clear image of himself.

Follow the cops!
This man certainly deserves a 'Dumbest offender in the World' award. A car followed a police vehicle into the police station where the driver got out and started discussing a relationship problem with the cops.

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The man looked tipsy and a blood-alcohol test confirmed that he was drunk. The man, 35, was charged with drunken driving, fined 1800 dollars and barred from driving for 16 months.

And the 'Dumbest Criminal Ever Award' goes to...
A burglar from Melbourne has been dubbed as the nation's dumbest crook ever after he left a trail of clues at the scenes of his crime.

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Andrew Bawden, 36, of Bendigo, Victoria, had within an hour of being charged and bailed over other break-ins, gone back to doing his former trade - busting into cars and houses and robbing offices and a cathedral.

But his one-man crime wave was discovered when he dropped his police charge sheet at one crime scene, and the DVD of his police interview at another. 

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