'Are herbal sex tonics sold over the counter really effective?'

May 24, 2014, 14:56 IST | Dr Prakash Kothari and Rachna Kothari

Clinical sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari and Counseling Psychologist Rachna Kothari answer your sex-related queries

Q. Are herbal sex tonics sold over the counter really effective. If yes, please name a few.
A. The herbal ayurvedic sex tonics sold over the counter are usually not effective at all as it violates the basic principles of Ayurveda.Charak, the Ayurvedic authority advocates that after the plant is plucked, the useful effects vanishes within 6 months of time. Most of the products sold over the counter come in the chemist shop probably only after a year after the plucking of the plant! And We have yet to see a product which mentions the date when the plant was plucked! Vagbhatt, another Ayurvedic authority mentions that as you can’t paint properly on a dirty cloth; the cloth needs to be clean. Similarly for the sex tonics to be effective the body’s system needs to be purified by especially ‘panchkarma’ for the sex tonics to be effective. Forget about panchkarma, No one even advocates even a small purge prior to the use of sex tonics. InAyurveda, individualization and rationalization is a must. Unless one knows the prakruti (physiology) and Vikruti (pathology) of an individual, the medicines should not be used. How can sexy tonics be ever effective without analyzing the physiology and pathology of a patient without a real interface! By and large, if a tonic is given, it is the picture of a horse or bull that works and not the tablet! It does help but it helps the person who sells the tablets and not the one who swallows! In one sentence if we have to sum up, it is the "the exploitation of the desperate by the ignorant!"

Q. What is the best natural aphrodisiac?
A. The best natural aphrodisiac is an attractive, affectionate and understanding partner. The ideal aphrodisiac still eludes us but the quest for it continues, as hope springs eternal. According to the US based scientists and World authorities Masters and Johnson, ‘An interesting and interested partner is the best aphrodisiac.’

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