Are your sex resolutions in place?

Dec 31, 2012, 10:23 IST | Kumar Saurav

You can get better at just about everything. Sex, the most. So, this year, cut out all the crap and make the resolutions that really matter -- the ones that define your love life. Here are our picks...

Use it or lose it
Stop living a sexless life, no matter how packed your schedule. Take a day off together, work that libido, work out and seek medical help if your weapon ain't working -- do anything but sit there doing nothing. The relationship will rot. Resolve to have more, and better sex this year. 

Sex and relationships, Are your sex resolutions in place?

Don't doze off
What most men do after their deed is turn around, close their eyes and snore. While this habit has been proven to be biologically inevitable owing to the tiredness, women hate it like nothing else. So, after you're done, cuddle up and spend some time whispering sweet nothings. Those three words after love-making will mean a lot to her, especially because you've climaxed. Better still, go for round two as soon as you can. That's resolution number two for you.

Never say never
His fancies and fetishes seem to disgust you so much that you've permanently closed doors to them. But that isn't as wise as you think it is, because men are firm supporters of erotic experimentation, without which they tend to drift to different shores. So, its advisable to turn kinky this year if you've played all coy so far. Who knows, you might just discover another side to yourself and soon be setting the rules of the game!

Silent mode
We often forget to keep a condom under the pillow, but never the phone. This year, do away with this habit by either switching off your mobile or putting it on silent mode when you're in the act. The only sounds in the air should be those of whispering, moaning and groaning.

Pass on the parcel
So, you've been in control all of last year. This time over, let your girl lead. Leave it to her to seduce and disarm, choose where she wants you in and take her pick from chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup.
Don't underestimate her; woman have ways wilder than your own, if only you let it be!

Don't fake
Sex is not charity. So, stop faking the orgies, making deliberate noises and acting all turned on when you aren't. Orgasm isn't the ultimate proof of satisfaction. Foreplay can be far more fun, and the trick is to make it work, for real.

Not just a night knight
While you've always been made to believe that the sex shift starts at 10, truth is, we're sometimes at our sexiest best at weird hours of the day -- lunchtime, mornings and at wee. In fact, time's nothing when you're making love -- it's all in the mind. Break that block and help your partner with it, too.

Stay healthy
Nothing pumps up the libido like an active, healthy lifestyle and diet. Start with the basics, and bliss will follow. 

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