Arjan Bajwa's ride from back in time

Jun 26, 2013, 08:34 IST | Shaheen Parkar

His passion in cars helped Arjan Bajwa bring back a precious heirloom to his family home

Apart from his acting pursuits, Arjan Bajwa is a car enthusiast and claims to be a walking encyclopedia on automobiles. The actor states he never outgrew his childhood fascination for wheels. And looks like his interest in cars helped him bring home a priceless gift for his family, especially his grandmom.

Arjan Bajwa’s grandfather Sohan Singh Bajwa and other family members with the 1956 Studebaker Commander

Arjan’s grandfather Sohan Singh Bajwa, also an auto enthusiast, owned a fleet of cars including the 1956 model of the Studebaker Commander.

Arjan Bajwa
Arjan Bajwa with the same car he bought from an antique car dealer recently

The actor fell in love with it after seeing the car in the family’s old photo albums. The vehicle was sold after his grandfather passed away but for years he always desired to procure it as a gift for his grandmother.

While on a recent trip to his hometown New Delhi, the actor came across an antique car dealer, who to his surprise had the Studebaker Commander. He immediately bought it and surprised his grandmother.

He says, “As soon as the dealer said he had it, I knew I had to buy the car as a gift to my dadi. It was a feeling of pride to buy it. I feel like I belong to a different era when I drive it around. Whenever I go to Delhi, I only use that car and people keep asking what car and of which year it is.”

Having a lot of friends in the auto parts manufacturing business, he was able to restore the car and make some modifications. Arjan now also plans to use it during vintage car rallies.  

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