Arjan Bajwa wants to fly high literally!

Apr 25, 2012, 08:44 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The actor visits flying club at Patiala to enrol for private pilots licence

Architect-turned-actor Arjan Bajwa is finally living his dream to learn how to fly a plane. While shooting in Patiala recently for an Ajay Devgn-Sonakshi Sinha starrer, he visited the local flying club where he will enroll for a private pilot licence.

He says, “It was nostalgia time for me. When I was 18 and studying in New Delhi, I had visited the Patiala flying club to inquire about the requirements but did not pursue it at that time. I revisited the place after so many years and I felt this time I had to learn it.”

Arjan also had a chance to go for a sortie in a Cessna 152 for 15 minutes. “I took off and landed the aircraft with an instructor by my side. He appreciated my natural ability to handle the controls of the aircraft and that encouraged me more to take up flying.”

About his flying experience he says, “It was a mind blowing experience to be in control of a plane. I used to indulge in gliding at the Delhi Flying Club, but in an aircraft it is something else.”

The actor plans to take a month off and join the Patiala Flight Club for the private pilot licence, which he will obtain after completing 60 hours of flying. “Once I get the license, I need 10 hours of flying per year to retain the licence.” 

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