Arjun Kapoor: Mimicking Dev saab was most fun

Jul 08, 2016, 10:47 IST | Ria Lawrence

Arjun Kapoor discusses imitating Bollywood veterans in his voice-over debut for a Hollywood animation film and refuses to confirm teaming up with Anushka Sharma for his next

Q. You just made your voice-over debut for the Hindi version of Ice Age: Collision Course. How was it different from what you’ve done so far?
A. Since you don’t record with your normal voice, it takes a bit of adjustment. And with the meter of performance preset — you have Point A to Point B decided — so you have to be meticulous with improvisation. But, it was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun.

Arjun Kapoor
Arjun Kapoor

Q. You have mimicked Bollywood actors, including Anil Kapoor, in the film. Who was the most difficult to mimic and who did you enjoy imitating?
A. Mimicking Dev (Anand) saab was most fun, because I didn’t even know I could sound like him. But, I realised I imitate him quite well; that was special. The most challenging actually wasn’t a mimicry moment; it was when I had to pretend to be an old man for a scene.

Q. Why did you choose to take this up?
A. More than looking at it as ‘sab kar rahe hain, toh hum bhi kar lete hain’, I look at it as learning and improving my craft.

Q. Do you relate to your character, Buck, in any way?
A. I can’t say I relate to him, but I obviously looked at him and thought to myself, I wish I had some of his qualities. How cool and fun he is, how larger than life and spontaneous he is.

Q. If you had to choose two actors to dub the buddy movie with, who’d you pick?
A. It depends on which character you are talking about. It would have been fun to have Anil chachu (Anil Kapoor) as Manny (a woolly mammoth) and Sonam (Kapoor; cousin) playing Manny’s daughter who’s all grown up now and about to get married.

Q. There is news that you may romance Anushka Sharma in a film titled Kaneda. Have you signed it?
A. Right now, I only have Half Girlfriend in hand that I am currently shooting for.

Q. You play a basketball player in Half Girlfriend. Are you good at the sport?
A. I played basketball as a kid, but couldn’t pursue sports because of my struggle with weight. But, I have always been an ardent watcher. I am a football fan and now, I play it as often as I can. For me, it’s not about being good at it or the best, but putting myself out there.

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