Arjun Rampal's a busy man

Jun 10, 2012, 07:27 IST | Subhash K Jha

Once he's back from his vacation with Hrithik and Suzanne in Bali, Arjun Rampal will have a packed few months, with the scheduled release of three films, and the reopening of his club in Delhi

In Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, Arjun Rampal plays a role that can easily be traced to the Hindi film industry. Kareena plays the actress that Arjun’s character has an extra-marital affair with. Arjun confirms, “Well, he is a married superstar. And yes, he is having an affair with this very attractive actress.

Do Kareena and I have lots of lovemaking scenes together? You’ll have to buy a ticket and find out for yourself. What I can tell you is that Heroine is Kareena’s most glorious moment. She has given all of herself to the role. What we’ve seen of her is not even 30 percent of her talent.”

Though they had some very difficult scenes together Arjun had great fun shooting, with Kareena. “I have worked with her in We Are Family. I find her hassle-free and great fun to work with. Working in Heroine has been a fantastic experience.”

Back from Cannes where he met the who’s who of global entertainment, Arjun is busy wrapping up Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuha in the sweltering heat of the jungles of Madhya Pradesh. Cannes, he says, was a revelation. “I met talented actors and directors from all over the world. Walking the red carpet with my wife was an amazing experience.”

This month Arjun and his family, along with friends Hrithik and Suzanne, head to Bali for a vacation. “I think I’ve earned the holiday. I’ve been working non-stop on three films. Sudhir Mishra’s Kaam: The Unofficial Story, Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuha and Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine. It’s my dear friend’s 40th birthday in Bali. Besides, my daughters are water babies. They love the sea. So off we go,” he says.

When Arjun returns, his nightclub Lap in Delhi, which is under renovation, will reopen. “It will reopen on July 15 with a party. So it’s a packed second half for me with three releases and the club’s reopening. Sudhir’s film about workplace ethics, lust and sex is complete. I am looking forward to its release. I’ve never attempted something like this before. It’s a hard-hitting film.” 

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