Arjun Rampal playing a cop in 'Chakravyuh'

Apr 27, 2012, 06:49 IST | PTI

After "Raajneeti", actor Arjun Rampal is re-uniting with filmmaker Prakash Jha to play a policeman his upcoming film 'Chakravyuh'. Arjun would be sporting a moustache as well for the role.

"I play the part of a police officer SP Adil Khan, he is a third generation cop. His family has been in police. He is very righteous, good and super fit. But again the character goes through dilemma... He is a guy who wants to do his job but finds himself in a 'Chakravyuh'," Arjun said.

Arjun Rampal

'Chakravyuh' is based on the Naxal issue and the film is shot in Bhopal. Talking about the film, Arjun says, "I am happy doing this film. Prakash Jha is one of my favourite directors. It is a beautiful script... it deals with issues that are relevant today. It is very relatable, strong and powerful subject. This issue is something people should know about." The film also stars Abhay Deol and newbie Esha Gupta, who makes her debut with 'Jannat 2'.

'Chakravyuh' is expected to release in November-December this year. Meanwhile, the national-award winning actor, who got international pop icon Lady Gaga to perform in India last year, has collaborated with Percept Ltd to create a music festival in major cities. The ambitious venture is called Lost.

"It is a travelling festival. We want the festival to happen in Pune first, as that is the central point for those coming from Mumbai, Goa, Ahmednagar and other places. "The second will happen in North in the interiors, the third in south outside Bangalore, so that everyone around India can experience it.

We will bring in more entertainment as same talent won't be there. People will get to see different kind of talent," Arjun said. The actor rues the fact that many talented individuals in India and the neighbouring countries do not get enough opportunity as everybody is focused either on entertainment or cricket.

"There is so much talent around India, in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. To bring talent from neighbouring parts and make them participate is a great thing as our culture is more or less same. Also it is a nice way to know each other and I think music is for everybody and it creates peace," he said.

Arjun said the music festival has given him a chance to do something beyond acting. "I never thought I would be having my festival. I am very fond of music. I love to go to concerts or festivals. This creates new things as a source of entertainment and it is exciting and refreshing. It is a new thing for me as an actor as go out there and do something different, it is fun," he added. 

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