Arnie's shoes felt roomy, says Colin Farell

Aug 06, 2012, 08:50 IST | Janhavi Samant

Hollywood actor on playing football and his favourite Arnold Schwarzengger films

With his action drama Total Recall releasing last Friday, Colin Farell’s not too surprised with the constant comparisons with He-Man Arnold Schwarzengger. The film is after all a remake of Arnie’s cult movie by the same name and Farrell has had fun stepping into his ‘roomy’ shoes.

Colin Farell

In a personal one-on-one to promote the film, Farrell comments, “His shoes felt roomy. I had seen Arnie’s Total Recall earlier and I saw it again before I left LA for our shoot in Toronto. It was so good. I loved action films as a boy.

If I ever catch Predator on television I always watch it. Commando too. It’s an exercise in nostalgia. No one’s like our Arnold. He had such sheer presence. However, our film’s tonally quite different from Arnold’s version. It’s more of a drama and so there was no pressure at all.”

With the subject of his film being memories and living dreams, Farrell’s also gotten interrogated about his rather colourful past. The man who has had brushes with a stalker, then a sex tape and drug abuse in his past, however, has many pleasant things to remember too.

Farrell says with a laugh, “I remember fondly the days of playing football. The days were long, glorious sun-kissed summer days with the smell of fresh grass, the sound of humming bees. We were a bunch of nine-year-olds running around on a grassy patch with our t-shirts used as goal posts.”

The actor, who rues that he hasn’t had a haircut that hasn’t been meant for a movie character in fifteen-long years, also adds that he hasn’t kicked a ball in ages. “If someone got a football here, I’d get giddy with happiness,” he signs off.  

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