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Feb 15, 2013, 01:33 IST | Dhara Vora

Follow video journalist Caroline Duvivier and travel writer Hughes Bigo through application, The Loick Explorer, as they travel around the world and document their stopovers

Armed with a video camera and a boat, Caroline Duvivier and Hughes Bigo have one mission — undertake an unending journey through the sea and document their visits to different parts of the world for the world to see. Aboard a 40ft steel sloop, Duvivier and Bigo have been making documentaries at every port they have touched and you can follow their travels and watch the documentaries, not on a TV show, but through an application titled, The Loick Explorer. Currently in Brazil, the duo answered our questions through email, while Stéphane Paris, the publisher of the app tells us about choosing this medium while co-ordinating with the crew from his Montpellier (France) office.

Caroline filming fishermen on a pontoon in Pelotas, Brazil

What was the idea behind this whole project, what led to it?
Bigo: We are changing our lives. Not change for something better, but change for something different. The project is not to travel and come back to a “normal” life. We wanted to live at sea without being obliged to come back for a question of money and therefore have to work. Our project is also professional. For us journalists, it is exciting to travel around the world, doing our jobs (Caroline is the video reporter, I take care of the pictures and the texts). We don’t have any date of return. As long as we enjoy this way of life we will carry on. Duvivier: This project was born during a cruise in the Coral Sea (South West Pacific). 2004 was our sabbatical year. My uncle had a sailing boat in Fiji; he agreed to lend her to us. We sailed around the Coral Sea, for Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia and back to Vanuatu. It was amazing. When we returned, we decided to have our own boat to leave for good. It took us eight years to earn enough money to buy Loïck and be ready to go.

Loïck, anchored in the south of Brazil on February 12. pics courtesy/hughes bigo

Any plans of coming to the Indian shores?
Duvivier: Yes, and it will be a highly emotional moment in our trip! We’ve never been to India as yet, and it is definitely on our route as we are eager to meet the people and learn about the culture. It will probably take years before we come to Indian shores. The world is vast when you sail for it, especially as we like to spend time in the countries we visit.

Caroline and Hughes editing a film onboard Loïck

Application is a relatively new form of documenting journeys. How does it help?
Paris: When we saw the quality of the first documents sent by the crew in December, 2011, we had the crazy idea to develop this app. We’ve been nine people working hard for more than a year to build on Loick Explorer and have the pleasure to distribute worldwide these beautiful sea stories (in French and English, with translators, actors who do the voice over, etc). Nobody has attempted to distribute documentary series on those pretty HD iPads and Android tablets yet; however, it is the ideal gear to watch films, photos and stories in the quiet, just like reading a book. This is the best way to reach the audience on the couch in the wardroom, in a comfortable armchair or on the bed, the best places to enjoy these features. Beta-testers loved it.
Hughes: For reporting about a travel in progress, an application is the ultimate form of storytelling. A project like this one would not have been possible before these new technologies. Distributing our work on tablets allows us to gather more data and material to enrich the stories and to be closer to the readers.

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