'Arranged marriage scares me'

Mar 09, 2014, 06:21 IST | Ask Roopa

Arranged marriage scares me

Q. I have had one serious emotional, romantic attachment in life and it didn’t result the way I wanted it to. I am tired of being alone. When will I find my soul mate and do you see a happy marriage for me? I don’t want to go through the arranged marriage and the idea of meeting someone with the intention of checking him out as a marriage prospect is off putting.
A. You may be against the whole arranged marriage scene and I can sympathise with that but most likely you will go through that and come out in flying colours. I see for you a happy marriage as you have drawn a happy family card, the four of Wands, in a prominent position in your spread. From your cards I feel that you may have to go through the arranged marriage situation which you might feel is humiliating for you at that time. Initially you may resent it and be hurt with it. But you will find a person that you really like through the arranged marriage way. According to Tarot Numerology you are a combination of numbers 6 and 7. Number 6 is represented by the card of The Lovers which explains the importance that you have of love and relationships. Number 6 the number of harmony and love, of relationship and togetherness, of choice and romance. Number 7 is represented by The Chariot. It is a card of victory, of success and of a strong will. This indicates that you will be able to forge ahead in whatever you choose to do.

Want to get back with ex-girlfriend
Q. I have been unsuccessful in love twice, and was shattered the last time. This girl came along and changed the way I thought and the way I looked at life. After three years in the relationship with her she recently called it quits. Though I have not been an ideal partner and more than once hurt her, I still love her like crazy. I am ready to mend my ways and start over again. I also have a very unfulfilling and dismal professional life. I don’t have any great friends either. I feel like a complete failure at times. What are my chances of getting back with her?
A. I see from your cards that you are sad and unhappy. You have drawn the five of Cups which indicates this. The Emperor reversed indicates that you lost control and behaved badly and immaturely which upset her a lot. There are delays and you could feel insecure and jealous as you have drawn the eight of Wands reversed. She may not return your calls or answer your letters. But if you persist then victory will be yours. For this you need to pursue her. Please don’t give up even if the situation seems dismal. Please allow her the freedom to have a different point of view and respect her views. Your soul card is the Wheel of Fortune that is constantly changing. In your life you will be dealing with constant change. Regarding your professional life, you will get a break. You have drawn the Ace of Swords which indicates success. The card of the World at a distance suggests freedom from wants or liberation.

My colleague refused my marriage proposal
Q. I am single and very dearly yearn for my life-companion, a companion of my choice. I am deeply in love (one sided) with a very strong (mentally), determined woman. She works in the same office as I do. She trusts and respects me but has refused my marriage proposal. My age is 40, her age is 31. I have had enough rejections in life and this time I am not willing to accept a ‘No’. How can I convince this Universe/ The energy/ and her to accept my marriage proposal?

A. According to Tarot numerology you are a combination of numbers 5 and 8 while your friend is a combination of numbers 2 and 6 . Number 5 is represented in Tarot by the Hierophant who presides over marriages and other institutions and social gatherings. Your soul card is number 8 which is a Saturn number represented in Tarot by the Card of Strength. It brings success and benefits only after teaching life lessons to the native. Your friend on the other hand has the High Priestess guiding her life. The High Priestess is the guardian of inner, deeper knowledge. Number 6 is represented by the card of Lovers in Tarot. This indicates that she will need to get into a harmonious relationship with herself and others for her growth. Your Tarot spread indicates that she does have some issues of trust with you. Your environment has drawn the card of Judgment reversed which indicates that people in the office also have a negative impression about you in some matters, specially romance. If you are serious about her then please ask your parents to take a formal proposal of marriage to her parents and see how they respond. Her family is very important to her. Esoterically I would suggest that you meditate on the card the Sun for happy circumstances of love, marriage and success to come into your life. Do this meditation for 10 minutes in the night just before going off to sleep. This will help you to bring clarity and success in undertakings. Here is how you can meditate on the Card of the Sun:

How to meditate
1. Buy a Rider Waite Tarot Deck and remove the card of the Sun which is no 19
2. Sit in a quiet place. Light a diva and incense.
3. Breathe deeply 7 times inhaling and exhaling with the card in your hand to centre yourself
4. Focus the attention on the card and look at it carefully. Keep looking at it in total concentration. Register the colours, symbols and feeling that the card evokes. Stay with it.
5. Do this daily for 10 mins at night and in the morning . The image of the card must stay with you. Do this every day without a break. Slowly you will find your life changing. Continue doing it till your problem is resolved.
6. Keep the deck wrapped in silk away from prying eyes and hands in a private place.

Have lost all interest in life
Q. I got married at the age of 22 but also got separated at that age. I am now 30 years of age and finally headed for divorce. My husband kept lying that he will be coming and taking me back. For the last 12 years nothing has happened as per my aspirations. I have now resumed studies and taken put B.B.A. I am contemplating becoming recluse. But I would want to know whether I can have a family life with kids or not? Is remarriage on the cards and if yes, will my husband be compatible enough?

A. You are a combination of numbers 3 and 4. No 3 is the Empress, the mother goddess of plenty. Your karmic lesson is to take responsibility for yourself. Number 4 is the Emperor who is balanced in his emotions and manages his responsibilities fairly. In the course of your life you will need to learn to handle your emotions. Your ex-husband on the other hand is a combination of Numbers 4 and 6. He can justify hurting and using people. You are well rid of him. Please do not be in a hurry to get married again. The cards indicate that you must study further and find yourself a good job. Your goal should be to become emotionally independent. Focus your energies on your studies and then your job. Meditate on the Tarot card of the Sun for 10 minutes daily.

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