26/11 arrest: Pakistan says terror a common concern

Jun 26, 2012, 11:20 IST | Agencies

After the reported arrest of Mumbai terror attacks accused Abu Hamza, Pakistan said that terrorism was a common concern for both countries.

A day after reports of an Indian 26/11 accused and his links with Pakistani terrorists became public, Pakistan today renewed its offer of counter-terror cooperation with India and said that terrorism was a common concern for both countries.

Fire engulfs the top floor of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai during the 26/11 terror attacks. Photo: AFP

Responding to questions regarding the reported arrest of Abu Jindal Hamza June 21, the spokesperson of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi said that Pakistan has been at the forefront of the campaign against terror.

"As agreed at the highest level between Pakistan and India, terrorism is a common concern and counter-terrorism cooperation is in the mutual interest of both countries," the spokesperson said.

"Pakistan has renewed its offer of cooperation in this domain," he added.

The 30-year-old Hamza was arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on June 21 after his deportation from Saudi Arabia.

Hamza, according to intelligence sources, was one of six people who were holed up in a "control room" in Karachi and directing the audacious Mumbai attack by 10 Pakistani terrorists in November 2008. The carnage left 166 people dead.

He was one of those who were heard on radio intercepts directing the terrorists to their targets in Mumbai and telling them who to kill. He had trained the killers to speak Hindi.

The sources said Hamza, whose real name is Sayyad Zabiuddin, was a more important catch than even Kasab, the only one among the 10 Pakistanis who was caught. 

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