Arrested in a cheating case, Mumbai woman miscarries

Jun 29, 2013, 06:30 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

The Bandra-based 21-year-old and her Nigerian boyfriend allegedly duped a businessman of Rs 1.5 cr; after her arrest, she complained of cramps and was taken to hospital, where she lost her child a few hours later

A 21-year-old Bandra based woman who was arrested in the city by Kerala cops on Thursday morning suffered a miscarriage in police custody.

The young woman and her Nigerian boyfriend have allegedly cheated a Kerala-based businessman of Rs 1.5 crore. The woman was in the second month of her pregnancy. Her parents are now blaming the Kerala police officials for the miscarriage.

The Nigerian man is a pastor at a Juhu-based church. Having missed their flight out of Mumbai twice, the Kerala police will make another attempt tonight, if the hospital discharges the woman.

Arrested in a cheating case, Mumbai woman miscarries
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Frank Cook (31) a resident of Goregaon, is now in the Bandra lockup, and his fiancee Jyotsna Ahluwalia (21) is recuperating at Bhabha hospital in Bandra, with Bandra and Kerala police keeping vigil. Her parents have alleged that Jyotsna was given some food in police custody, which caused her to miscarry. They have decided to file a case with the Bandra police.

According to Kerala police officials, Frank posed as a UK-based businessman and promised to sell oil worth Rs 1.55 crore to complainant Anilkumar Tripathi, a businessman from Thiruvananthapuram.  The complainant in his statement said he transferred the amount to the account number given to him by Frank. Jyotsna was also involved in the transaction. After the payment, no oil was supplied to Tripathi. He tried to get his money back, but failed. He then approached the DCB CID EOW department with his complaint. A case was registered under section 420 with the Kollam police in Kerala.

Early on Thursday morning, the Kerala police reached Mumbai and with the help of local cops, first arrested Frank and then Jyotsna from her Bandra home.The Kerala cops had planned to catch a 5 pm flight to Kerala. As Jyotsna and Frank were handcuffed inside the airport, they were stopped by airport officials and this caused them to miss their flight. 

Unaware of this, Jyotsna’s parent reached Kerala by flight.  Sangeeta, Jyotsna’s mother, said, “My daughter told them that she was in the second month of her pregnancy and asked them to be careful.

She felt hungry and was given some food. Later, she started feeling pain in her stomach and was shifted to Bhabha hospital. She begged us to come back as her condition had worsened. Later in the night she miscarried. How can that happen? Who will take responsibility for the miscarriage?”

Her father Sudip said, “My daughter has been falsely implicated in the case by the Kerala police. Frank is her boyfriend and just because he showed up on his call records she was arrested. She never went out of Mumbai without us. They sent us to Kerala without divulging any details about the case. Our daughter is innocent and she is being targeted by the cops for no reason.”

Despite repeated attempts, Kerala police officers refused to comment on the matter.  

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