Arshad Warsi has been zipping in an auto from home to work

Aug 05, 2013, 08:56 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Arshad Warsi is presently bearing the brunt of being without a car and a chauffeur. The actor recently sacked his driver while his vehicle needed urgent work and is lying in the garage

As a result, he has been spotted zipping around in an auto rickshaw. For an actor being without wheels is like stepping in front of the camera sans greasepaint. It’s an impossible situation.

Arshad Warsi

Says an onlooker, “A few days ago when he was leaving the studio after seeing the rough cut of his upcoming film, Arshad was spotted hailing an auto to get home. The unit hands were surprised and director Samir Tiwari even offered him a lift in his car. But as the two were going in opposite directions, he declined it and preferred to take the rickshaw.”

Arshad explains, “My car is in the garage. So… yes commuting is a hassle. Samir was quite shocked when he saw me hailing a rickshaw. My driver has gone too.” The star meanwhile has booked a new pair of wheels. To add to his woes, its delivery has also been delayed.

He adds, “I have been told what I want will take a while.” He however hopes to get his old car back from the workshop or the new one soon. “The problem shouldn’t be there for long,” he says. So till then the actor feels being in auto mode is the best and fastest option from his suburban home to the studios. 

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