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Sep 11, 2012, 10:37 IST | Surekha S

Karachi-based artist Asma Mundrawala, whose pop-up sculptures are on display at Project 88, opens up about the art scene in Pakistan

How is the art scene in Pakistan? Is there ample freedom ofexpression?
The art scene is quite dynamic. We have four major art institutions from where a substantial number of students graduate every year. There are several galleries that represent artists, locally and internationally. Pakistani artists have earned acclaim and representation in international forums, workshops and residencies and there is a constant influx of exchange between artists here and in other countries.

One of Asma Mundrawala’s paper sculptures on display at Project 88

According to you, what inspires young artists in India and Pakistan?
I can only speak for Pakistan in saying that young artists here, as in any other country, address a range of issues, from the social to the political or personal.

Is art today being more appreciated in Pakistan? Would you call this a boom time for artists?
Yes, given the increased number of artists and the engaged discourse surrounding their work in local and international forums, art in Pakistan is receiving a lot of attention.

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