Art for art's sake ('l'art pour l'art')

Jun 25, 2012, 09:42 IST | Aviva Dharmaraj

Artists Arzan Khambatta, Brinda Miller and Sunil Padwal will have their work displayed in an unconventional space this weekend: CST station.

An installation made of mouse traps titled, Dream Catcher, as well as one by French artists Christine Delbecq, Emmanuelle Grand and Alain Steck called The Cubes, based on a popular European children’s game, will be on display for three days. 

Installations by French and Indian artists will be displayed at CST and Lower Parel to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of children’s shelter Snehasadan

The installations will then be moved to a mall in Lower Parel, where they will be exhibited for another three days. The effort is the culmination of an international project to celebrate the golden anniversary of Mumbai NGO Snehasadan, which works towards providing homes for the city’s underprivileged children. ‘Sneha-sadan — 50 years of Love’ is managed in partnership with art space, The Art Loft, and the French Association for Abandoned Childhood (AFEA).

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