Art enthusiasts turn umbrellas into artwork

Jul 04, 2013, 02:28 IST | Richa Pinto

During a workshop organised by Achyut Palav School of calligraphy, the humble rainy season accessory got a makeover

The rainy season inspires most of us in a way that brings out our creative side. Taking a cue from this, Vashi’s Achyut Palav School of calligraphy organised an umbrella decoration workshop on Sunday morning.

Blooming brollies: Participants at the workshop stand amid the pieces of art they have created. Pics/shadab Khan

Around 60 people who took part in the event were seen using their umbrellas as canvases to express themselves artistically.  The workshop, which was held at Belapur, is in its fifth year and is open to all.

The man behind the idea, Achyut Palav, a world-renowned calligrapher himself, said that participants were enjoying themselves as they painted umbrellas with colours and creative poetry. 

A dab of colour: A young artist at work

Right from modern day skyscrapers to traditional gothic designs —  participants were seen decorating their favourite monsoon accessory, the humble brolly. A few others painted their umbrellas with poetry in different languages such as Marathi and Hindi.

The workshop was kicked off with a small demonstration and soon the participants were seen enjoying themselves. “Umbrellas today are not just used in the monsoons but also during the summer season.

All eyes on you: Participants pose for a photo after a hard day’s work

The feeling of carrying an accessory which has been made by you is very different and makes you feel good,” concluded Palav. 

Baby strokes: A young one tries his hand at painting

Upside down: The ombre touch suits this umbrella

Bright awning: A woman gives finishing touches to her opus

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