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May 23, 2014, 10:01 IST | Soma Das

Revolution Art is a group show of 100 contemporary paintings and sculptures by artists from all over Maharashtra

Art aficionados can head to Art Gate Gallery’s latest exhibition, titled The Revolution Art. It features 100 contemporary paintings and sculptures by 17 artists from across Maharashtra. It will include works by artists such as Tuka Jadhav, Arvind Kamble, Balasaheb Abhang and Vitthal More, among others.

Artwork by Vijaylakshmi Mer

Artwork by Vijaylakshmi Mer

Kalyan Chheda, founder, Art Gate Gallery explains the concept of the show, “Revolution is a drastic change in the ways of thinking and behaving. Revolution in nature and society is meticulously captured by these artists. A common thread that ties the artists together is the revolutionary ideas they put forward through their art.”

Artwork by Deepak Nagji Mer
Artwork by Deepak Nagji Mer

Chheda shares that Maharashtra’s artists were chosen as it remains a cultural hub that has nurtured artists across fields of art, from motion media to fine arts. “Who can forget the greatness of Dadasaheb Phalke, V Gaitonde, MF Husain and the living legend, Prabhakar Kolte? Every artist here is determined to face challenges of life, and create art through it. There is also a lot of versatility, and works in mediums such as oil colours, acrylic, fiberglass and watercolours. These creations are the lessons learnt while adjusting to a changing society that is fast getting urbanised,” he adds.

The highlights include
artist-curator Tuka Jadhav’s paintings. Jadhav rose from humble origins to win the Bendre-Husain Award. However, tragedy struck when he lost his vision at the peak of his career but he still persisted.

Visitors can also marvel at works by Vijay Laxmi D Mer who showcases moments where butterflies fluttering incessantly in and out of time zones. Ganpat Bhadke and Deepak Nagji Mer are two other artists to watch out for at the event.

Till May 31, 11 am onwards
At Art Gate Gallery, above Satyam Collection, Chheda Sadan, Churchgate.
Call 42138856

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