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Jun 30, 2013, 08:28 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Three young international artists come together for Visions from Beyond � A Foray into Metaphysics and Materiality, a group show at Gallery Isa that merges art with science

It took Ashwin Thadani, director, Gallery Isa eight months to plan an exhibition that could present art through various elements of science and establish the relationship between objects, space and time.

Inversion visions (red, orange, yellow & gold) by Mindy Shapero

Thadani says he wanted to encourage a new form of art that would appeal to the thinking minds as well as to the heart. This led him to host Visions and Beyond — A Foray into Metaphysics and Materiality — a group exhibition that will showcase the untitled works of young international artists such as Germans Daniel Lergon and Dan Rees along with American Mindy Shapero. “I am a lover of abstract art. Audiences like something that is unusual. This is my way of mixing two of my favourite topics through an art exhibition,” Thadani tells us.

As the exhibition is being seen as a test case, only 10 artworks will be on display. Artist Daniel Lergon says, “Science plays a very important role in art, from astronomy to optics, meteorology and geology. It is good if we do this through a smaller exhibition where the artworks can be explained better.”

All three participating artists have their own distinct focus, yet each one of them shares a common interest in abstract art. As Thadani says: “Daniel infuses a lot of science into his art, mostly light. Dan Rees is more about intelligent humour and Mindy Shapero blends painting and sculpture in a mystical way.”

Since it is a group show, it was not easy to bring all the artists under one platform. “I zeroed down on seven artists but only three of them were available. All of them are wonderful. Now I just hope that the audience appreciates it,” says Thadani.

When: July 5 to September 30, 11 am to 6 pm
Where: 132, Great Western Building, 1st Floor, SBS Road, Opp Lion Gate, Fort
Call: 66373432 /33  

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