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Sep 21, 2012, 11:56 IST | Soma Das

Finally, there's good news for art aficionados in the suburbs. Studio 62, a new creative hub in Goregaon that opened its doors on August 24, is a creative space that showcases offbeat forms of art, photography, accessory design, music and writing

When you visit art and design space Studio 62, you might stumble upon musicians jamming away while a tattoo artist is busy at work and you can even end up buying some cool shoes or bags on your way out. Unlike other art galleries, where paintings or sculptures are usually on display, Studio 62 is envisioned as a creative space for all kinds of art.

Spread over 850 square feet, Studio 62 (named after its pin code), supports upcoming artists, including graffiti artists, musicians, designers, tattoo artists, writers and others. It was founded on August 24 by Smit Jain, Mathanraj Chettiyar and Deepak a.k.a. Inkspit and aims to be a platform for creative souls to sharpen and showcase their skills for free. Visitors are also encouraged to pursue their creative skills and they may soon enroll for workshops as well.

Studio 62 features a range of eclectic art

At present there are tattoo art on the walls, canvas paintings and wall murals. There are also customised bags and shoes for sale. Explaining the idea behind Studio 62, Jain says, “Our artist friends would complain that they didn’t have a place they could call home, to set up their equipment and create art. That’s where we got the idea of a community set-up where artists could talk, discuss and create art be it in the form of tattoos or graffiti or acrylic art.”

Koi fish shoes

The 25-year-old adds that since the opening, they have had an interesting mix of people who have dropped by, and hopefully they have been able to connect with their inner artist. Twenty-one-year-old writer Komal Kevin, who is also a part of the Studio 62 team, admits that since she’s been working at the art space she has also taken up painting. “Studio 62 is for artists by artists; it’s about letting artists display their art for free and if customers like something they can buy it from them as well. Whether they wish to offer a commission to the gallery or not will be the artist’s prerogative.” The studio offers a mix of artworks, by newer artists as well as well-known artists. It also encourages art in any form, be it spray painting or graffiti art.

While its location may be in a far-flung western suburb, Smit doesn’t believe that it’s a deterrent. “Why not Goregaon? There are artists living in the suburbs as well, and if people like what they see, they will visit us for sure. Our purpose was to ensure that art doesn’t remain for a select few. If this succeeds, we will take the concept to other suburbs too,” he maintains. Komal adds that when their website is up and running, they will also post images of the artworks online, so that people can virtually browse through the artworks as well. 

Society matters
A social initiative that Studio 62 is busy with is to beautify the city by painting on the walls and the dustbins; they are in the process of seeking permissions from the BMC for this. “We are a young group and the idea of starting Studio 62 was in my mind for over three-four years but money was an issue. With funds in place, we are looking into tying up with organisations and doing city-based projects as well,” adds Smit.

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