Sep 02, 2012, 10:31 IST | Sanjiv Nair

The city's art scene is in for a musical surprise. An innovative exhibition will combine live musical performances and art

While checking out the day’s events in your newspaper, you usually know you have run out of ideas by the time you reach the exhibitions section.

That situation is all set to get a radical makeover with the Art and Music Unplugged event, where 14 artworks by some of the country’s contemporary artistes will be exhibited at JW Marriott, Juhu. This opening to a 10-day long exhibition, will host musicians too. Did we mention that there will also be an attached lobby bar?

An artwork by Anjalie Vellody that will be shown at the exhibition

The event and the exhibition is the brainchild of Shwetambari Soni and Reshma Jani of Gallerie Angel Arts, one of the city’s leading art houses, and is being conducted by Shruti Seth’s event management firm, My Company.

“As a gallery we have always presented our artists in a unique and contemporary setting,” says Jani. “Essentially, art has always had a snob quotient. Most people you talk to will say they don’t understand art or what it means.

We simply create a platform to make it accessible. There are many young entrepreneurs who would like to collect art without feeling intimidated in a serious gallery space. An exhibition like this brings art to them as an experience they can relate to. Music completes the evening.”

How will they gauge the event’s success? Seth says, “If we get a good turnout and it translates into sales, it will qualify as success. We will also be creating a new customer base and taking the event to different cities in India.”

The exhibition boasts of 14 artworks, which include three sculptures and two large installations. “Akash Choyal brings the 3 D experience to life with his triographs, Ravi Mandlik’s abstracts complement Ajay Dhandre’s alternative style.

Anjali Vellody brings harmony and a social message through her artworks, balancing the femininity we see in Nishant Dange’s work. Arzan (Khambatta) is a rockstar with his installations and sculptures. Don’t miss the Freddie Mercury piece he has done for this show,” elaborates Soni.

Artist Anjali Vellody opines, “Art and music are all about ‘feel’ and therein lies the common thread. I see experimental exhibitions as one of the ways to reach an audience.” Painter Ajay Dhandre meanwhile, takes it a step further. “We have picked up from Anushka’s style and created an amalgamation of what music means to us,” he concludes.

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