Arthur could lose his job for sacking four players: Buchanan

Mar 18, 2013, 00:33 IST | Agencies

Australia coach Mickey Arthur's decision to sack four players will either be a masterstroke or will finish his career, feels former coach John Buchanan.

“At this point, it could be a masterstroke or it could be the reverse and I don’t think it will be anywhere in between. There is a very clear message. Whether that is the right message or whether it has been delivered or arrived at correctly will show in terms of whether it brings about a change in the way this Australian group gell together or signify an end to what has been going on before,” Buchanan was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. 

John Buchanan
John Buchanan

“It will continue to ferment and there is only one loser if it goes wrong and it will be the coach,” Buchanan said. Buchanan though felt that the episode has given England a slight advantage ahead of the Ashes. “I definitely think it has provided some advantage to England but time will tell.

There is a lot going on aside from this one issue. You have a new coach, new selectors, people leaving and arriving and a range of players coming in and out of different teams. What happened (in India) is a product of all that,” the 58-year-old said.

Buchanan, who was in charge of the Australian side between 1999-2007 and had huge success, said time is running out for Michael Clarke’s side. “I don’t think there will be sufficient time for them to bed down before they get to England but it could be a masterstroke.

This is about more than 10 (Ashes) Tests. This is about establishing a new team culture and fabric, a new way of being part of an Australia team that will be there for as long as Clarke and those he hands over to last,” he felt.

“You cannot develop a team culture with so many people coming and going all the time irrespective of the format. It must create a lot of uncertainty in the group and with uncertainty comes less trust, less honesty and less compliance. Players look after themselves more,” Buchanan added.

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