Artworks get a Midas touch

Aug 10, 2012, 10:26 IST | Dhara Vora

If you thought art becomes expensive only when it's abstract and incomprehensible, you're in for a surprise.

At times, the elements required for painting could be worth their weight in gold, especially if it’s gold leaf painting or gold leafing.

This technique is used on various mediums, be it on paintings or statues and such artworks adorn several places of worship across the globe. It’s also used for luxurious culinary experiments (a common example would be our local mithais with the silver varkh coating).

It has caught the fancy of artist Bina Aziz, who has utilised this technique in her exhibition, The Renaissance Redefined. Her works include mixed media created with gold, silver and bronze leafing techniques. Aziz has also used Egyptian symbolism or hieroglyphs.

By merging symbols and gold leafing, the artist has tried to incorporate ancient art forms in her works. The artist has also taken inspiration from Austrian painter Gustav Klimt (I got to know of him thanks to the recent Google doodle), who used layers of gold leaf and paint in his works.

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