As an actor, I'm bound to move like a gypsy: Shriya Saran

Jan 22, 2013, 09:03 IST | Shakti Shetty

It's almost impossible to irritate Shriya Saran, even when you ask her the cliched question of what a South Indian actress is doing in Bollywood.

But over the years, the Mumbai-based actress has worked in several films irrespective of language and will next be seen in Deepa Mehta’s big screen adaptation of Salman Rushdie’s novel. While talking to CS, she shares her thoughts on films and her career so far:

Shriya Saran
Who: Shriya Saran
What: Expanding her horizons

One country, one cinema
It’s one country and there are various languages to express a story. As an actor, I’m bound to move like a gypsy. So, in my opinion, the whole idea of a South Indian actress moving to Bollywood is blown out of proportion. I just want to be able to be work in all kinds of cinema. Good work is what matters, the venue doesn’t. Instead of judging those who want to work everywhere, they should be appreciated because it’s a natural progression for an artist.

The making of remakes
Movies in the South have always shifted from one language to another be it Kannada, Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam. Remakes are not a new trend. It’s been going on for quite a long time now. It’s just that Bollywood recently saw a slew of superhits that were originally made in South India. Also, internet and media play a significant role in creating awareness about where a film actually originated.

Lessons from mistakes
I’ve done films that made me fall flat on my face but we’ve all committed our share of mistakes in choosing one script over the other. Anyway you can’t go back and erase them. Besides, actors don’t make films. We are just a tiny part in the whole project. I’m lucky to be active and proud of my body of work. My ultimate aim is to take as many movies as possible to my grave.

Director’s actor
I bagged the role in Deepa Mehta’s next as I had earlier appeared in a film directed by her brother and she had noticed my work. What I admire about Deepa is she’s very honest and tells you exactly the way things are. You end up learning a lot from her. If you have an idea, she’ll give a thought and provide them wings to fly. She has a very strong mind. I’ve never seen her worry about anything else except the task at hand. That’s very admirable of her. 

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