Asian fusion under the stars

Feb 10, 2013, 09:54 IST | Kareena Gianani

Skky, the new rooftop resto-lounge at Powai, offers smart Pan-Asian cuisine and allows you to have a dinner conversation without being overheard

Here we were driving into the Ramada Powai Hotel and Convention Centre to dine at the rooftop resto-lounge (as the invite suggested), Skky. We imagined a lounge that would be closer to the stars and have a view to die for.

The disappointment was hard to hide when we were directed to the two-storied convention centre. But from then on, Skky made us smile all the way. What it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in space. With shrubs and creepers on the walls, and generous spaces punctuated with water bodies, Skky is spread over 8,500 square feet. We didn’t even mind the lack of height, because one of us did manage to trace Orion up there. And open kitchens, we trust.

Chicken Satay

The menu at this Pan Asian restaurant is extensive with soups, salads, starters, dim sums, teppanyaki, pizzas (though we didn’t know Pizza was Asian) and tandoor on offer. We started off with Tom Bo Mia, an Indonesian dish which comprised minced vegetables on sugarcane skewers. It was fresh, spiced well and light — all of which made it a good start. Next came the Chicken Satay (Indonesian), and we loved the textures and flavours again.

Tub Tim Krob

To be honest, I am not a big fan of places which claim to specialise in one cuisine and throw in unrelated, safe options. So, to test Skky on this, we ordered Dahi Kebabs from the tandoor. We appreciated the attempt. When you cannot go to Delhi to taste kebabs, Skky is a good second option. Next came the Shanghai Clay Pot (vegetables and mushrooms with dried bean curd and chilli bean sauce), burnt garlic and fried onion rice and Gai Phad Krapao (stir-fried minced chicken with bird chilli garlic, sweet basil and soy). The Gai Phad Krapao was rich in flavour, and we thought the basil and garlic were handled really well. The Shanghai Claypot and the rice, however, were just about average.

Skky, which has non-intrusive, pleasant service, recommended we try their hand-crafted ice creams — paan and green tea — and their in house specialty Tum Tim Krob, made of coconut milk and water chestnuts for dessert. We could taste the vanilla ice cream through the green tea flavour in the ice cream, and so, please don’t expect the strong green tea ice cream you may have tasted at any restaurant in Hong Kong, for instance, because it isn’t the same.

The paan ice cream, however, was delicious with generous flavours of gulkand and saunf. Tum Tim Krob, we thought, was a matter of acquired taste. We, for one, found the flavours too strong and competing with each other but not really getting anywhere with it. SMD could not rate this experience, as it was a preview  

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