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Sep 28, 2011, 11:59 IST | The Guide Team

Sampan offers much more than you can savour in one visit

Sampan offers much more than you can savour in one visit

Are you not tired of hearing of Pan-Asianism? The Wiki says Pan-Asianism (also known as Asianism or Greater Asianism) is an ideology or a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify and create a continental identity to defeat the designs of the Western nations to perpetuate hegemony. Phew! At fancy restaurants, they insist this is the most popular cuisines, and celebrity food writers can't stop raving about the wonders of such food.  

It's not as if we have not had Pan-Asian before. But we have heard too much about it in recent times, so when we were invited to Sampan (yet another place that serves the cuisine!) we were somewhat  sceptical.

The menu though had us flummoxed by its sheer variety. Be it appetiser like Koong phad kraphaw (shell lobster with chilli and holy basil) or items on the main course like Beijing Roast Duck, served in mandarin pancakes with cucumber relish, scallions and hoisin sauce, the Farm Rabbit, with lemon pak-choi, Ramu (Japanese style garlic grilled lamb chops) with Sampan special hand made noodles or Organic brown rice with scallions, pink peppercorn, carrot, spinach, pinenuts, we had difficulty in deciding what to give a miss on first visit and to try out in our second! Most of what we ordered was lip-smacking delicious. If variety is the spice of life, we do not mind Pan-Asian over and over again.

At: Sampan, The Suryaa, New Friends Colony
Timings: Noon to 3 pm & 6 pm to midnight
Call: 47808080
Meal for two: Rs 4,000 onwards + taxes

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