Assassin's Creed Origins Game Review: Kill like an Egyptian

Updated: 19 November, 2017 13:05 IST | Jaison Lewis | Mumbai

The new installment of Assassin's Creed takes us into ancient Egypt where we rub shoulders with famous Egyptians and fight off strange beasts 

Assassin's Creed Origins has done a good job of capturing the essence of Egypt and bottling it up in this amazing videogame. The environment always looks picturesque and there is a lot to explore. The setting is alive with wild animals, bandits, desert storms, birds and people. Even Origins' version of Uber is better -- whistle and a camel appear out of nowhere, takes you to your destination for free. No need to direct it, just mark your location on the map and the camel knows how to get there. 

While it was an odd luxury to have a game set in ancient Egypt, we enjoyed it because it gave us more time to ogle at the scenery. If camel rides aren't your thing, fast travel to various points on the map is also available, that is, once you find them. You can discover any location by just passing by, which is great because it means you don't have to find a high point in the map and search for new things by synchronising.

The game also features a lot of side quests, and they are so many that it is easy to get distracted and remain in the same town just completing quests for days. We had to constantly pull ourselves out of the side quests to make sure we finish the main quest, which takes around 30 hours to complete.

The main quest is one of vengeance -- you play a Medjay called Bayek and you are out to get the people responsible for your child's death. Medjay played the role of cops in ancient Egypt.

Just like the main quest, the theme for a lot of the side quests is vengeance. Not to say they aren't well thought out, but most are generic and lazy.

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of distractions. Our favourite though was taking down forts and other military establishments. The great part about buildings like these are the hiding spots -- you are an assassin after all. Regardless of your level, you can take down a fort given enough time. Just make sure you don't die in the middle of it, because the game just refills the generic bad guys in the fort and you will have to fight them all over again.

There's a lot of gear in Origins, and you can buy them using actual mo-ney or get them by grinding through the levels and the side quests. Considering how many times the items drop from soldiers, it is not a bad idea to just grind.

While most generic opponents are easy to kill even when you are at a lower level, there are some mini bosses called the Phylakes -- they are really tough and seem to come out of nowhere. We usually took the flight-over-the-fight response. Killing a Phylake is very difficult, and though we did manage it a handful of times, it took a lot of planning.

We also felt the controls on the PS4 were a little odd; it took a long time to get used to it to aim the bow and arrow. In fact, we felt the partial aiming assist was better for stealth kills.

This game is an excellent installment of Assassin's Creed, which has been losing steam of late. It creates a great environment and offers crazy amount of replayability, even after the main quest is over. Assassin's Creed Origin is great value for money and definitely a buy for both fans and casual gamers alike.

First Published: 19 November, 2017 13:00 IST

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