Assistant director transforms the actor into star: Ayushmann Khurrana

Aug 30, 2013, 10:08 IST | Rashmi Henriques

With dreams as big as the sky, Ayushmann Khurrana came to the maximum city a few years ago. After a stint with TV, a dream was realised and he became an actor

So has the journey been interesting, what’s in store and is the real Punjabi boy hiding? In an interview with CS, he reveals all of this and more:

Acting v/s direction
On the sets of Vicky Donor, Shoojit Sircar punished me by making me an assistant director for a day. I totally enjoyed the drill. We would often joke that if I don’t succeed as an actor, I would take to assisting. It’s insightful to stand behind the camera and think like the ADs, cameraman and others on the set. It’s unfortunate that the technician's job is thankless one, but it’s they who transform the actor into star. It also improved me as an actor. So, as a fun excerise, I assisted Shoojit for 10 days for his latest film.

The real Punjabi boy
I am a Delhi boy still in awe of Mumbai. I remember feeling elated after setting foot in the maximum city. There is a charm and feel of worldliness in Mumbai. I always wanted to act. I have struggled for too long to be where I am now. As an actor I have evolved, after the release of my second film, people stop assuming I am a one-hit wonder. My first two films were unconventional, but I want to some straight-jacketed roles. I am lucky to have to experiment so early in my career, how many actors actually get to do that? This city has given me everything, and Delhi is where I am from. It’s very difficult for me to choose between the two. However my wife and son stay in Chandigarh, I want to keep them away from stardom.

Women on TV
On Indian television, most of the stories and characters revolve around women. How many men watch daily soaps? Men are more into news and sports. I feel there is an overdose of women-specific content on the tube. There is a lot of type-casting that happens, TV is an aggressive medium and reaches out far and wide. This could be one of the reason, why our audience crave for hero on 70mm. It’s nice to see the audience liking varied content.

Social consciousness
I composed the song Pani da in Vicky Donor, just out of fun. But I think I might sing more often. Since the release of my debut film, I have learnt something new day. Recently, I sang on a show for Uttarakhand victims, I was overwhelmed by the experience. As an actor, there is so much to contribute to society. It’s just one needs to have a sense and heart to give. These are times when a part of the educated strata of society are still struck in the pre-historic days. It saddens me to see educated people, have such ambiguous opinions.

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