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Jan 02, 2013, 11:22 IST | A Correspondent

Will you be fit as a fiddle, get lucky in love or land your dream job? predicts what the New Year holds for you

Aries (March 21 - April 20)


Love and Sex: Stars send some much-needed balancing vibes to your relationship sector. This is a time for re-assessment and re-tuning. Note that the year will NOT augur many, or rather tumultuous changes in your existing love equations. Yet, you will have to strive for stability. A commitment may need re-analysis, for you may find your partner somewhat lacking in sincerity, warmth or passion. Press your sweetheart to speak their mind! This will have a positive bearing on your sex life, and you shall see the sack sessions getting hotter, especially as the year progresses.
Change is the essence! Well, it always is, but it shall be ever so slightly more in 2013. Progress is foreseen, and the changes shall be largely pleasant. In fact, it’s your perspective towards money, financial security and investments, which is due for a major change. This new proactive approach shall suit you and even your pocket well, chuckles Ganesha. Increments, new projects, added sources of income – all are possible. Just don’t lose focus from the old or ongoing, amidst the gleam of the new!
Career: The trend for 2013 is definitely positive for your career domain, more so because you shall be willing to change with the changing times. However, you still need to remain very careful and alert, when it comes to certain matters, like relocation and new projects. You will also be drawn towards power and authority. But don’t take huge decisions only on the basis of this, cautions Ganesha. Thanks to your dogged determination, you will rise up the rungs of the hierarchy, but in the process, don’t trample upon things. Finish pending stuff, before embarking on the novel territories.
Health: As the star alignment is slightly unfavourable, you may feel a bit out of sorts, as the year begins. However, the good thing is that even if you do not feel your best physically, your state of mind shall be quite calm yet sharp, what with your intuitive prowess stronger than ever. You will feel confident from within and willing to listen to your inner voice. Just a little care and attention to health will help you sail smoothly through 2013. Yoga, meditation and other lighter forms of exercise will help; exertion and heavy exercises are best avoided.
Your Karmic Resolution: Haste makes waste- well, that should be your mantra from now on! Also, remember to wrap up the old and pending before you stride off to the new.
Lucky You!
The year ahead, especially the period from April to June, is conducive for career matters. Positive changes shall bring you nearer to your goals.
Uh Oh !
During the second half of 2013, some disturbing events may shake you. Not all days are the same; have faith. You will sail through, assures Ganesha.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)


Money: The year looks set to be yet another milestone in your financial endeavours, what with you making all possible efforts to build a secure financial future. As always, you will take most of the decisions wisely. However, 2013 may bring an unprecedented impulsive streak in your ways, and that is what may put you in a spot, especially when you use it in speculations or long-term investments. Take care, advises Ganesha! A short cut may lead to a windfall initially, but it may also erode your savings. Besides, do keep the shopaholic in you in check!
Career: Stars send your way loads of productivity, opportunities and changes. Progress is foreseen, but it is not to say that there won’t be any obstacles. There will be roadblocks to avoid and hurdles to cross but you will manage, given the extra dose of energy 2013 brings. Steer clear of confrontations and giving unsolicited advice, advises Ganesha. If relocating has been on your mind, you will come across interesting opportunities. Post August, time gets even more opportune; plan your moves accordingly. For businessmen, the year may bring, well, a plenty of busyness!
Health: You will be a picture of good health when it comes to the physical health in 2013. But, on an intrinsic, mental level, things may not be all that hunky dory. Stressful issues may get the better of you. This, in turn, may adversely affect your overall health. A more disciplined lifestyle shall help you vastly. Don’t miss the routine appointments with your doctor, and this holds true especially for those already fighting health problems. Planetary positions indicate that your bones and private parts need extra attention, points Ganesha.
Your Karmic Resolution: To spend some quality ME time, without losing connection with rest of the world. Plus, do not forget to make the most of the available resources.
Lucky You!
2013 is a good time to plan some special savings, invest wisely and steer clear of risks! Investments made during June to September will yield expected results.
Uh Oh !
Relationships may go through ups and downs, especially during the third quarter of 2013. Be ready to go an extra mile to maintain them, says Ganesha.

Gemini (MAY 21 - JUNE 21)


Love and Sex: Simply put – the year 2013 will propel you to marry! The world shall appear pink and fluffy, as you see it with your rose-tinted glasses. Romance fills you; you may finally find your soul mate! The married ones shall share an electric chemistry with their spouse, for most part of the year. However, as emotions run riot, try and keep your head clear and sane, points Ganesha. In a stagnant relationship, bring back the fire by finding ways and means for fun activities. Don’t over-criticise your partner, though.
Money: Your financial situation looks set to be pretty comfortable in 2013. In fact, things shall get only better, as the year progresses, promises Ganesha. But don’t treat this time as merely a treat, or else you may end up squandering all your earnings. Make provisions for saving and investing wisely. Be ready to provide for myriad creature comforts for your beloved family, this year. Of course, expenses shoot up! But if you stay calculated, you shall sail through. And, good news is that more or less the balance sheet at the end of the year shall appear quite balanced!
Career: It’s a time for action! A great year awaits you on the career or business front. You will manage to make rapid strides, promises Ganesha, and opportunities shall present themselves at the most opportune moments. Promotions, increments, expansion of business, all are possible. Yet, you may feel something is amiss. Probably, it’s a skewed work-life balance that assails you or a need for a deeper connect with what you do. Whatever it may be, you need to identify that. And be grateful for what you have.
Health: All done and put into place, this year, you become carefree, rather nonchalant, especially when it comes to your health. This laid back attitude may lead to lifestyle disorders, warns Ganesha. Pay heed to your health, or you may invite ill-health. As the stars make your life rather easy this year, you also run a clear risk of developing an unhealthy lifestyle. Remember that life is beautiful, only when you feel beautiful – not exactly literally, but definitely from inside. Make a resolution!
Your Karmic Resolution: To curb an undying urge to hog the limelight! Put forward your opinions when they are sought, not otherwise. Look before you leap, and think before you speak!
Lucky You! In 2013, make the best use of your knowledge to get through seemingly challenging circumstances (relatively) easily. April to July is the best period to earn laurels.
Uh Oh ! Health shall need extra attention, especially from mid-August to mid-November, says Ganesha. Blind trust on anyone is a no-no!

Cancer (June 22 - July 23)


Love and Sex: The happy stars send your way some sweet connections. Falling headlong in love is a possibility, and so is becoming too demanding in an existing bond. A new relationship fills you with a lot of eager expectation; it would be best to take a slow and measured approach. Aim for passion and sharing of interests, rather than hasty commitments, tips Ganesha. Please your partner in the sack, and check how you rate on their sex-meter! If all goes well, your love relationship may culminate into marriage. It’s also a good year to plan a long-cherished baby.
In 2013, your financial situation follows much the same pattern as it has over the years; gradually getting better as the months roll by. Expect a substantial rise in your income in the last few months of the year. Your income will be sufficient to take care of all your basic needs, and if you wish to raise more for some new project, that too shall be possible. But don’t overshoot your budget, or buy things on credit. If you manage to live within your means, you shall feel happy and content, reminds Ganesha.
Career: The year opens on a positive note, but don’t expect things to change overnight. There will be career progress, but initially not as fast you would like it to be. However, as the year progresses, you will start getting newer, better opportunities. There will be a lot of scope for freelancing, part-time endeavours, and you shall be able to add substantially to your overall income this way, feels Ganesha. Don’t quit an ongoing assignment to take up a rather risky proposition. Time suitable for change, though, is before June.
Health: 2013 brings in happiness for you. But as you enjoy these good times, you are most likely to neglect your health. Remember that good health is the secret to happiness. Take sufficient precautions and care to ensure that all’s well on the health front. Overindulgence of any sort is a strict no-no. If a chronic ailment has been bothering you, try some alternative system of healing like Ayurveda or Pranic healing, and you shall feel better. Some disorder of the reproductive system may annoy the fairer sex. Take care!
Your Karmic Resolution: To not leave any project or assignment mid-way, come what may! Be patient and don’t get in arguments with loved ones, especially your parents.
Lucky You! 
Life will change for good, assures Ganesha. Activities scheduled for November and December may produce positive results. Plan accordingly.
Uh Oh !
Cutting down on social interactions may help you connect with your inner-self. But, don’t go too deep in your shell. Take good care of your health during August to December.

Leo (July 24 -Aug 23)


Love and Sex: 2013 brings interesting developments, one of them meant to be long-term. Your social meter may be practically choked, given your irresistible charm – learn to stop at harmless flirting, though. A closer friendship may blossom into something more! Or, a buddy may get suddenly clingy. The power-loving Lion in you will enjoy this attention, nevertheless Ganesha warns you to encourage this possessiveness, only if you too are equally interested. The year, however, may not be equally rocking for the committed Leos. Try to rev up the heat in your sex-life by letting your partner take the lead.
You look set to be comfortable on the financial front. However, you have to be extremely cautious about borrowing or lending money. Expect delays in return, if you lend money to anyone. This may even upset your plans or projects. Entrepreneurs need to stick to this adage like glue! Avoid too much of credit, especially the long-term variety, as it will adversely affect your liquidity, which in turn may throttle your progress. Use tact and diplomacy to your advantage in 2013, advises Ganesha.
Career: A roller coaster year awaits you on the career front. The best part is that the Lion in you will rather enjoy this ride. Yes, there may be sharp bends and unexpected detours, but you will make the most of these opportunities if you stay positive and diplomatic. Your career domain may remain in a state of flux, bringing you some important and vital lessons in patience, tact and equanimity. Your trademark courage will hold you in a good stead, promises Ganesha.
Health: By and large of strong constitution, you are naturally capable of fighting off any illness. But Ganesha advises you to be very careful this year, as it’s not just the tremendous exertion that is going to bog you down, but the stress too. The combination is menacing as far as your health is concerned. Fitness must be your top priority and a good, healthy lifestyle is what you should aim for. Do not let arguments and adversities affect you, as you might end up having blood pressure related problems.
Your Karmic Resolution: To believe that whatever happens, happens for good! Putting in more efforts to achieve the good things that life has to offer.
Lucky You!
Put your best foot forward, as Ganesha feels, you will be given due freedom to showcase your abilities. Expect a windfall during the last quarter of 2013.
Uh Oh !
A sudden turn on the career path may catch you unawares; remain steady. April to July 2013 may be a testing period, especially for career growth.

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)


Love and Sex: This year’s resolute stars propel you towards some strong decisions, in the matters of heart. You may be bold, rather dogged, in your approach, feels Ganesha. However, it would be in your best interest to opt for a patient, objective and intelligent route, rather than remain judgemental. Your beloved will want a lot from you, which may leave you slightly disgruntled. Just chill! Things shall seem brighter immediately. Channelise and employ this enhanced intensity in your relationship to sizzle up your bedroom saga!
The year is favourable for your financial domain. If a new money-making endeavour has been on your mind, this is a good year, assures Ganesha. Word of your intelligence and expertise will spread far and wide! On the work front, you may be much in demand; a lucrative salary package is in the offing. The time is auspicious, if you wish to make any kind of a shift for monetary reasons. In business, choose partners who are not only reliable, but who can also bring in a fair bit of capital for investing in expansions.
Career: The work front, both for professionals and businessmen, looks extremely promising this year, foresees Ganesha. You will be spoilt for choice, as far as job offers are concerned. You will be able to pick and choose your job, as per your convenience, and look set to make rapid progress up the hierarchy. At the same time, you will have to be careful to maintain a healthy rapport with the people you leave behind. If you are a businessman, reforms and diversification will be on your agenda, but you would be advised not to push them too fast.
Health: Disciplined as you are, you make sure that you eat and sleep on time, and this appropriate lifestyle saves you of the many ill consequences that arise from irregular eating and sleeping habits. You will feel energetic throughout 2013. You can further enhance your already high energy levels by practising yoga and meditation on a daily basis, suggests Ganesha. The top portion of your body may be prone to injuries during the year, though. Also, digestion related and joint problems may become a cause for worry around June-July. Be careful!
Your Karmic Resolution: To remember that change is the only constant in life, and there are plenty of things beyond human control. Stop analysing every little thing!
Lucky You!
Ganesha foresees you being in the driving seat and getting expected results for all your efforts for most part of the year. Financial status escalates!
Uh Oh !
During the last quarter of 2013, overconfidence may bring you back to square one, so double check your calculations and plans before implementing them.

Libra (Sept 24 - Oct 22)


Love and Sex: Your personal charm, as always, shall be fantastic. But what’s more important this year is that you are liable to be smitten by someone very very charming from the opposite sex. All your hormones go crazy, the moment you meet this enchanting person. Great? Yes, but wait, hold your horses, warns Ganesha! Don’t jump into the love sack right away or overthink this bond, for this may merely be an infatuation. Committed ones will do well to adopt a slightly more flexible approach.
Your financial stars may remain slightly confused in 2013. Certain planets will be posited in your favour, but others may negate this effect - for instance, Jupiter will be in your favour for a large part of the year, but North Node and Saturn may counter it with their negative effects. Relax! You still don’t need to fret, but do remain careful, suggests Ganesha. Cut stress and keep up your efforts to keep your moneybags full and stabilised. Cash inflow shall be decent enough to meet the outflow.
Career: Stars send you happy vibes on the work and business front, but on one condition – stay positive and focused! Steer clear of negative thoughts, nip them in the bud, and all shall be sorted. If all goes well, good opportunities shall spot you, just in time. On your part, stay alert, advises Ganesha. The second half of the year will be very propitious for spreading the reach of your business far and wide, or initiating new partnerships.
Health: Minor health issues may keep pestering you every now and then in 2013, leaving you confused and clueless. Relax and certainly don’t panic, for it will only aggravate the nagging ailments. Stay stress-free, and don’t act like a hypochondriac, says Ganesha. In your bid to achieve excellent health, you may keep changing your diet plan. Digestive disorders are likely, so take a balanced route, in whatever you do. See a doctor, preferably an alternative healing therapist, if all else fails. Remain extra careful between July and September, as planetary positions may augur some health issues during this period.
Your Karmic Resolution: To identify your actual strengths and weaknesses, and put them to best use. Give due importance to partnerships and relationships to strengthen them.
Lucky You!
During the first half of 2013, travelling may prove fruitful, helping you develop new social-professional contacts. June and July augur a busy yet pleasant time.
Uh Oh !
Financial front requires special attention. Introduce necessary changes in your plans, during the second and the third quarters of 2013.

Scorpio (Oct 24 - Nov 22)


Love and Sex: This year, cast aside the clinginess and over-possessiveness; you shall see your love life getting better, promises Ganesha. This applies to both - the singles and the committed ones. Practically speaking, if looking for a perfect match for life, you may have to be a little patient. For married couples too, slightly challenging times are in store. Stride ahead with caution; make peace in the matters that do not seem to reach any compromise. Emotions run high! Take the positive route and find ways to enhance your physical intimacy, as sex is the best outlet for Scorpions.
As far as your monetary situation is concerned, though your monthly budget is pretty much cut and dried, Ganesha foretells that you may not be entirely satisfied with things as they stand. You may preoccupy yourself with thoughts of how to increase your income. It is possible that you may start hunting for a more lucrative job. Though the chances of landing one are rather bleak in the first half of 2013, the planets will be positioned more favourably for the same in the latter part of the year.
Career: Ganesha foresees you working harder than ever this year, a fact that will not go unnoticed by your superiors. However, the material rewards that you may be expecting might not come your way, leaving you frustrated. You may start your hunt for another job. Remember that the period before May is not favourable for job-hopping. Wait patiently; post that, if you get a lucrative offer, you may go ahead. Adjusting to the new circumstances, though, may take some time.
Health: All seems well on the health front this year. The only thing you need to make sure is that you do not succumb to stress, because in case you do, you will be welcoming stress-related health disorders. On the other hand, if you manage to steer clear of stress,expect to be in the pink of health. Mind and body work in tandem, and if you are fit on the mental and emotional level, your body too will be in fit. Keep away from intoxicants, advises Ganesha. And do take advantage of these beneficial times.
Your Karmic Resolution: To find inner peace, in order to be in a happy state of mind. Shun aggressiveness, so that co-existing with people becomes easier.
Lucky You!
May and June may bring a lot of positive changes, predicts Ganesha. Now is the right time to turn your passion into a profession.
Uh Oh !
Maintaining a perfect harmony may be a tough task during September and October. Remember that negative thinking will only make matters worse. Stay positive!

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 22)


Love and Sex: Wedding bells ring loud and clear! If nowhere else, then, at least, in your head; you seem to have made up your mind about a special someone. Your family may have a differing stance, though. You will manage to see through the shallow bonds, and sift nicely to zero on the One, chuckles Ganesha! Sex will work as a nice and reliable glue in love bonds, even when it comes to the stale married ones. Better still, to revive a stagnant relationship, head to an exotic locale with your beloved for a few days of sun, sand and sizzling sex!
With a rather wildly swinging monetary situation, stars beckon you to brace up you act this year. You may choose to remain busy, but don’t let this ignore your financial domain. Circumstances shall also teach you the value of money, making you realise the importance of regular savings and investments. Cut out on the frills, and spend your money only on the essentials. However, later in the year, your partner may receive some funds, providing the much needed relief from living on a shoe-string budget.
Career: This year is pretty conducive for making progress in your career, predicts Ganesha. You will work so hard and handle your tasks in a mature way, making your superiors happy. This may also translate to the added responsibilities, though. In other words, your workload will increase. However, Ganesha advises you not to bite off more than you can chew, or you may burn yourself out. Say no! Don’t get paranoid about petty issues, and stay positive.
Health: A few minor health problems are likely this year. You can count on your elders’ advice in this regard, not just because they are older, but because they are more experienced. What you need to concentrate on right now is dealing with your perturbed mind. Work pressure may be high, but don’t let that affect your health in any way. Eat and sleep on time; this will help you avoid ailments, while also increasing your work efficiency. Females may face problems related to their reproductive system.
Your Karmic Resolution: To stop going overboard, regardless of the matter in concern. Also, spend money judiciously and remember that a penny saved is a penny earned.
Lucky You! Career opportunities galore! Besides, the spotlight will be on you during May to July 2013, foretells Ganesha. Savings shall also increase.
Uh Oh ! Avoid getting into legal battles, as far as possible. The period between mid-August to mid-October seems challenging for your health. Be careful!

Capricorn (Dec 23 - Jan 20)

Love and Sex: Love is a mystery! You strive and fail, and you try yet again! The year 2013 sees you giving yet another trade-mark sincere shot at this enigma called love. Ganesha lauds your heartfelt efforts. If the results, however, are not very encouraging, don’t worry; on your own, you will still scintillate. April to August is a good time to head to a long-distance trip with a beloved; let the passion take-over. If your partner is generous, in return, your lovemaking shall be filled with glowing warmth. A new relationship is also on the cards. Enjoy it, without worrying about tomorrow.
Though this year your financial situation will be comfortable, it is definitely not going to be as good as the best it has been in your time, foretells Ganesha. Things may also fluctuate a bit, and you may have to be very alert and tactful to manage your expenses smoothly. The feeling that things could have been better may keep haunting you on and off, and you may entertain lofty fantasies about a windfall. However, the more practical thing
would be to inculcate a habit of saving a fixed percentage of your earnings.
Career: You are open to learning, and this year, you look set to take it upon you to upgrade your skills with the changing technology landscape. You may not even be thinking about changing a job, you have come to love, over time. But, climbing up the ladder in your existing domain is surely likely, confirms Ganesha. However, if you do get a lucrative offer, rest assured that the planets are quite favourably positioned for a change. Businessmen are advised not to be over-ambitious.
Health: 2013 is set to be a rather hassle-free year for you, as far as your health is concerned. Minor issues like common cold or viral infections are foreseen, but that should not be too bothersome, given your awesome drive. You may suffer from lower than usual appetite, but that may be more owing to love than any physical problem, chuckles Ganesha. Energy levels may be a problem, though, leving you feeling drained for days together. Work towards regaining your lost vigour.
Your Karmic Resolution: To pay attention to long-standing issues, and sort them out, once and for all. Appreciate what others have done to make your life better.
Lucky You! 
Persistent hard-work will earn you great rewards! Ganesha feels that you may remain engaged in some vital projects during May to September 2013.
Uh Oh !
Some of your relations are superficial, and this disappointing realisation may greatly dampen your enthusiasm. The second half of 2013 may be emotionally challenging.

Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Love and Sex: Love is in the air, says Ganesha. New friendships, brand new beginnings or a life-long bond – anything is possible. As you fall headlong in love, the world turns pink overnight The committed ones, on the other hand, may fall in love with the same person, all over again. Wow! Do check your mutual compatibility, before you say I Do. Your newfound sincerity shall charm and disarm your partner. Be ready to get rewarded in a very special manner, winks the Cupid. The resulting sex and unconditional love is sure to keep you happy and smiling.
Your financial situation may be a bit too tight in the first few months of the year, but will improve as time rolls by, predicts Ganesha. You might be tempted to invest your hard-earned money in buying property or a vehicle, but try to avoid it unless these things are absolutely necessary. Also, be sure that it does not compromise your future security. Playing the stock market is an absolute no-no. In the second half of the year, financial outflow is likely to increase, but, thankfully, so shall the inflow.
Career You may be overambitious to rise to the top in double-quick time this year, foresees Ganesha. However, you will have to be extremely careful about a few things. One, in your hurry to make rapid progress, you are more than likely to trample on a few egos, and there are bound to be recriminations. Two, you could end up compromising on the quality of your work, while you focus more on quantity. Both factors can be stumbling blocks in the progress of your career. Remain alert!
Health Our imagination can sometimes take complete charge of our mind. And, this is what is likely to happen to you in 2013. An imaginary illness or adversity may actually seem real to you, and you may start worrying about it without reason; practising yoga and meditation will help. Seasonal ailments are likely, but as the name suggests they will only be seasonal. All said, back problems may become a cause of concern to you; maintain a correct posture while standing and sitting.
Your Karmic Resolution Loving and respecting your friends and relations alike. Also, acknowledging that they are an important part of your life.
Lucky You!
Investments may produce good returns during May, June and July 2013, predicts Ganesha. A well-calculated change or two in the investment plans may prove beneficial.
Uh Oh !
Unsought changes are foreseen. Although things may get better with time, you may need more time to recover from the shock, feels Ganesha. February and March may be difficult.

Pisces (Feb 20 -March 20)

Love and Sex ‘At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet!’ This year, you come across happy people, who leave you, well, happy, if nothing else. The loneliness and drudgery of life melt away, leaving you joyous, singing even. Committed ones will enjoy the warmth of a loving partner who cares, understands love’s subtle nuances and nurtures. No wonder that the lovemaking seems ethereal! Even as you see the ardent, amorous urgency of the early love receding at some point, embrace the placidity that takes over, chuckles Ganesha. It’s an opportune year, if conceiving a child is on your mind.
Ganesha foresees a great year in the financial domain. There shall be more liquidity, and as long as you don’t take reckless risks, you should be fine. Invest only in absolutely secure instruments. Past investments too may come to fruition this year. You will spend more to improve your standard of living. If you don’t possess a home, it would be a good idea to buy one. You may also go ahead and spend on entertaining yourself, or buying that irresistible gadget you have been eyeing. Don’t worry, you’re allowed a bit of selfish spending!
Career For professionals, this year is going to be auspicious. Promotions, increments and other fringe benefits are likely. But, along with these, your workload too will increase, so learn to adapt quickly. Also, keep your peers and superiors in good humour, if you want to maintain a cordial yet professional atmosphere. The going will be good for businessmen too. Things that have been obstructing your progress will become irrelevant, and expansion or diversification of your business activities is on the cards.
Health The healthy Fish are likely to swim smoothly through 2013. What may throw a spanner in the works is a planetary alignment, which is likely to make you quite sensitive during the year. You may be anxious at most of the times, and this is not going to help you to stay fit! What you need to learn on an urgent basis is to master your emotions. Coming to physical health, Ganesha foresees no major health issue. Don’t let this good news make you lethargic though!
Your Karmic Resolution To take some tough decisions, and stick to them even if some unexpected challenges arise. Also, to keep a close tab on your spendings.
Lucky You! 
Real estate deals may prove profitable, opines Ganesha. Besides, it is advisable that you review your investments in June 2013. Career graph moves in the upward direction.
Uh Oh !
It may be a challenge for others to understand your emotions. Ganesha feels that the period between June to December 2013 may prove crucial for your personal life. 

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