At 87, N D Tiwari becomes a father

Jul 28, 2012, 07:15 IST | Agencies

DNA test confirms that the Congress leader is the biological father of Rohit Shekhar; legal experts say the latter now has a valid claim to Tiwari's property

Veteran Congress leader N D Tiwari is the biological father of Rohit Shekhar, the Delhi High Court ruled yesterday after the DNA test reports were revealed. Rohit Shekhar (32), had in 2008 filed a suit claiming to be 87-year-old Tiwari’s son. Justice Reva Khetrapal opened the report in her chamber and declared the result in an open court. However, Tiwari’s counsel was not present in court when the judge opened the sealed cover of DNA report and declared the result. 

The DNA report confirmed that Tiwari is the biological father of Shekhar. “As per the DNA report the defendant No 1 (N D Tiwari) is the biological father of plaintiff (Shekhar) and defendant No 2 (Ujjwala Sharma) is the biological mother of Shekhar,” the judge said.

Soon after the result was declared, Shekhar warned, “His (Tiwari’s) legal troubles have just begun,” adding, “he will now pay for all the hurt he caused my mother.” Sharma, was in court with Shekhar, said it’s up to her son to decide whether he wants to add ‘Tiwari’ to his name. Legal experts said that Shekhar could be granted inheritance rights and even have a valid claim to the Tiwari’s property.

Ever since Shekhar went to court five years ago, Tiwari has tried repeatedly to have the case dismissed. He filed seven appeals in the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court arguing that a DNA test would amount to an invasion of his privacy. In April this year, the court said the politician would have to submit his blood sample, and authorised the police to enforce its decision, if necessary.

The last few years have shown no paucity of scandal for Tiwari. In December 2009, he was removed as Governor of Andhra Pradesh after a local channel broadcast that purported to show him in a compromising position with three women.  In the past, Tiwari has served as Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. 

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