ATM slips lead to chain snatcher's arrest

Jul 21, 2013, 04:41 IST | Shailesh Bhatia

A robber who snatched a gold chain from a 55-year-old woman in Borivli was arrested after two ATM slips fell from his torn shirt pocket. Cops nabbed him after watching the ATM's CCTV footage

A crafty crook almost managed to get away after accosting a 55-year-old Borivli resident and snatching her Rs 50k-worth gold chain earlier this week, but completely forgot that he was carrying his last ATM transaction slip in his shirt pocket. The slip, which fell down as the victim fought back and tore his shirt, gave away the location of the crook’s last bank transaction. 

On Saturday, the cops finally zeroed in on the culprit, 39-year-old Satya Nandan after identifying him on the bank ATM unit’s CCTV footage and returned the gold chain to its rightful owner.

ATM slip gives chain snatcher away; cops nab accused, Mumbai crime
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The victim, Ruby Dias, who lives with her son in Borivli’s IC Colony, showed rare courage when she fought back after Nandan tried to throttle her and grabbed her gold chain. Even as Nandan ran away, Dias managed to hold on to a critical piece of evidence -- a piece of his shirt and the ATM slips.

After checking with the bank and verifying the last 10 transaction details, cops landed up at Nandan’s residence – just a few blocks away from the scene of the crime.

Speaking to SUNDAY MiD DAY, Dias recalled, “It was around 11 pm. My son and I had just finished dinner and decided to go for a stroll -- a regular practice for many years. We met this man on our way, who started chatting with me and calling me “aunty”. Suddenly, he snatched my chain and started to run. I was stunned, but managed to grab his shirt.”

Perhaps the thief was not expecting an elderly lady to fight back. “Had I not lost the grip, I would have thrashed him,” Dias said, displaying the scars on her arms -- a reminder of the scuffle.

A grandmother, Dias attributes her courage to the fact that she has learnt to cope with the world alone, after the demise of her husband, nearly 30 years back “I have single-handedly, raised and educated my two children and even got my daughter married,” she said.

Senior Police Inspector Suresh Khilji of MHB Police Station said, “Based on the ATM receipts, we managed to procure the CCTV footage from the bank concerned, which clearly showed the accused withdrawing money. We then got his other details and arrested him. Luckily, the chain was still with him.”

Investigating officer PSI Tukaram Radhod said that the accused has been charged for robbery and assault. “The accused has been remanded to police custody till July 24 and we are checking if he has been involved in other crimes in the past,” said Rathod. 

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