Attention ladies! Pair your gym wear with this new headphone

Feb 26, 2017, 15:23 IST | A correspondent

Now here is the new headphone that you can take to your gym

A special model for women? Nice!
This model has been built with the flex- sport collar resting on the neck specially tailored for the ladies. And yes, it can be worn even when you have a helmet on your head.

Won’t the collar interfere when I’m doing a high- intensity workout?
Not at all as it remains stable on your neck when you’re running, jumping or twisting or doing some version of acrobatic workouts. When you’re not using them they can safely be tucked away into the collar so there’s no need to deal with cable- twisting shenanigans.

… And the earbuds slipping?
The DualLock buds won’t fall out as they are sweat- resistant and have been constructed using ultrasonic welding. Even an accidental tug won’t dislodge these resilient earbuds.
So I’m guessing these connect using Bluetooth What else would it use? Rather, you should have asked about the range. It can work up to 33 feet away from your mobile device, so gone are the days of you being a slave to vicinity.

Can I receive calls on it?
Of course. You can manage calls by answering or disconnecting with the press of a button, listen to music with dedicated volume controls or even skip tracks.

What about battery life?
A single charge provides up to nine hours of battery life. Though how long it lasts depends entirely on the volume you’ve kept and your general distance from the paired device.

Do I get a choice in colours?
Sadly, no. But aren’t you happy that a cliché pink hasn’t been assigned to this edition? The colour used here is much more versatile and quite simply timeless.


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