Attention Mumbaikars! Chocolates now available in spicy flavours

Mar 26, 2014, 12:50 IST | The GUIDE Team

From fennel seeds to black pepper, Mumbai's chocolate lovers can look forward to a heady, spice-laced affair

While we love our classic milk chocolates or our delectably rich dark ones, chocolate lovers now have the chance to tweak their palate with a dash of Indian spices.

Chocolate brand Choko La has launched two new flavours — Kerala Spice Bar and Eastern Medley Bar —inspired by famous Indian spices.

Spicy chocolates

Kerala Spice Bar is a rich mixture of Kerala black pepper infusion, finished with candid orange peel and Eastern Medley Bar is a unique combination of fennel seeds, cardamom and rock sugar.

A box of two chocolate slabs of 400 grams each will cost you Rs 1,500.

“Choko la being an Indian origin brand, it is essential for us to have Indian specialities, the reason-why these chocolates are a hit with expats. For them it’s like carrying back home a piece of India,” says the head chef at the dessert destination.

Indian series
A box of the new Indian series

But most chocolate lovers don't like variations with their sweet indulgences, so will they warm up to these flavours, we asked. “Our patrons are more than happy to try unique combinations and flavours,” he signed off.

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