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Sep 08, 2011, 10:50 IST | Piali Dasgupta

Easy on the pocket and high on style. That's the mantra Spiniich, the new fashion spot in the city, has adopted taking inspirations from the genres of street and surf wear

Easy on the pocket and high on style. That's the mantra Spiniich, the new fashion spot in the city, has adopted taking inspirations from the genres of street and surf wear

The tag line of this fashion house is smarter than the average 30-minute-pizza delivery chain. For a store that focuses on street and surf wear inspired apparel, there couldn't have been a more fitting line than 'Surf ur Street'.

The lady behind the 18-month-old retail spot, Prerna Anand, initially targeted the 16 to 25 age bracket. But with everyone aspiring to look young and trendy these days, she received requests for women in their late 30s and early 40s to stock 'their kind of clothes.' And before long, Prerna obliged.

The JD Institute of Fashion alumnus ran an export brand called ICH (International Clothing House) before starting the apparel house. And to give a spin to ICH, literally, she called her label, SPINIICH. Her line is inspired by the styles popular in the US, but she tweaks them to suit Indian sensibilities. "Surf is more about washes. The garments have good hand feel and prints, while street caters to what people wear on the street while hanging out with friends or shopping," states Prerna who consults look books in the west and follows fashion weeks closely to keep abreast of international trends.

The most attractive thing about Spiniich is the prices, their favourite price tag being R 1,290. Almost everything here is affordable including the baubles - mammoth keychain, earrings, chains, rings sourced from Mumbai and Delhi and the belts. There are bermudas and jerseys tees for men and divided skirts with wraps for women, but the most essential part of surfwear, footwear, is missing. They do plan to store them some day.
Yet there is lots to choose from, specially for women. Almost everything is manufactured and designed in Bangalore and some of their pieces are impressive in their uniqueness. For instance, while the market is inundated with monochromatic jeggins, Spinnich has acid washed ones in grey, sky blue and navy with a spandex belt (R 1,290). The acid-washed cap sleeved tee-shirts for women (R 790) are also a great option if you match them with their distressed denim shorts.

The casual line also includes cotton animal printed dresses with pockets (R 1,090), printed and denim jumpsuits (R 1,290) and hooded black jackets with high density prints (R 1,290) that redefine streetwear. If we went shopping there, the lime green shirt with dainty ruffles (R  790),  a maroon knee-length velvet dress with great detailing (R 1,290) and the Sweet Tooth T-shirt with the adorable Spongebob Squarepants and a slightly evil looking skull (R 590) would fill our tote.

The evening line is also alluring. Ask any stylista and she'll tell you that the black and gold combo never fails. But few labels cash in on this winner match. Spinnich does. The black dress with golden studs is just the thing for a night out and they also have the perfect bag for it - a matching black number with long chains and metal balls (R 1,890).

For those who like a no-fuss look even for parties, there's a black taffeta jersey with gold density prints embossed on it. The ubiquitous one-shoulder dress also finds place on the racks. The lemon and blue knee-length dresses with pristine white sequin work (R 2,590) are great eye candies just like the tulip dresses in pink and red with golden embellishment on the shoulder and a plunging neckline (R 1,490). The poncho tops with gold embellishment (R 1,290) are great if you want to do casual chic, but it's the dress with pearls around the yoke that you must pick for that headturner look.    

The men will have to make do with the the range of acid washed tees, batik tees, cargos and bermudas along with checked shirts. Much like American surfing brand Vans that actively encourages young musicians and supports music, Spiniich is represented by city-based hip hop brand Low Rhyders, that spreads awareness on the brand by sporting their clothes for their gigs. Spiniich plans to expand to Delhi, Hyderabad and Pune next year.

Where Spiniich, 18/3 Ali Askar Road
Call 41516064/41516067
For Rs 350 to 2,600

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