Australia will prove critics wrong: Michael Clarke

Apr 26, 2013, 09:29 IST | AFP

Skipper Michael Clarke says Australia will prove their critics wrong and bring the urn home from England despite his team being panned as the "worst Ashes squad"

Sections of the British press have slammed Clarke’s team with The Daily Mail declaring: “Aussies name worst Ashes squad in memory”, adding gloatingly: “Is that it, Australia? Is that all you have got?”

Michael Clarke

Clarke said the reaction does not surprise him following Australia’s ignominious 4-0 Test series rout in India in March. “It didn’t come as much of a surprise when an English reporter described us as Australia’s ‘worst Ashes squad’ at yesterday’s team announcement,” Clarke wrote in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

“I’ve been hearing comments like that throughout my time as captain and, more often than not, I’d like to think we’ve proven our critics wrong. I’m not going to make any Glenn McGrath-style (5-0) predictions, but we can bring the urn home with us if we play to our potential.” 

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