Australian PM's 'small breasts, huge thighs' on menu

Jun 13, 2013, 08:43 IST | Agencies

A high-profile Australian political candidate apologised on Wednesday for a menu at one of his fundraisers featuring a quail dish named after Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard which had 'small breasts' and 'huge thighs'

Former government minister Mal Brough, now an opposition Liberal National Party candidate at national elections in September, said it was devised by a non-party member who thought it would be ‘humourous’. Brough told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation he had not seen nor approved the menu and was ‘deeply apologetic’.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was linked to a quail with ‘small breasts and huge thighs on a menu drawn up by the opposition Liberal Party. File pic

The menu for the event in March offered a dish called ‘Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail: Small Breasts and Huge Thighs and A Big Red Box’. Kevin Rudd, the former Labour Prime Minister who was pushed aside by Gillard in a party room coup in June 2010 but who is rumoured to be planning a fight-back for the top job, was also targeted on the menu.

His name was linked to a dish called ‘Rudd’s a Goose Foie Gras.’ Opposition leader Abbott, and the Liberal National Party too condemned the menu. “I think we should all be bigger and better than that; whether it’s a tacky, scatological menu out the front of a Liberal Party event, whether it’s squalid jokes told at union conference dinners with ministers present,” Abbott said. “Whatever it is, I think we should be better than that. I think we should be appealing to every Australian’s best self as we go into this election.”

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