Auto fares up by Rs 2, taxi fares by Re 1

Sep 29, 2012, 13:44 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

On Friday night the state government issued a general resolution describing that the auto rickshaw fares would go upward to Rs 14 as basic fare from the current Rs 12 and taxis from Rs 17 to Rs 18 for the first 1.5 km instead of the existing 1.6 km

However sources said that its implementation wouldn �t be immediate and that fare would be revised only after approval in the forthcoming meeting of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) that comprises of officials from RTO and the Transport department.

According to the GR issued by the state Transport department, the revised fares of auto rickshaws would go up by Rs 2 and that of taxis by Re 1. This hike comes in a very short span as only a few months back the fares of autos and taxis were revised to Rs 12 and Rs 17 respectively.

To make matters worse, the GR also mentions that the fares of both autos and taxis be revised every May. However officials explained that it comes with a rider. �Only if the prices of fuel, oil and other paraphernalia together exceed the cost by 50 paise per km, only then will the fares revised, � said a RTO official.

Cases of meter tampering and wrong tariff cards produced by drivers will also be dealt with sternly. For the first timers, fines would be levied and temporary suspension of license and for repeat offenders � license would be permanently cancelled.

Apart from this the transport department is looking at having a laminated card with information such as drivers � name, photograph, license number and other details in it. This should be displayed by them at all times by hanging them. Meanwhile the night fares would remain at 25 percent more than the normal fare, which was proposed by PMA Hakim committee to revise it at 30 percent.

There will also be more share-a-rickshaw and share-a-taxi stands in the city, which charges 33 percent more than the actual fare and then is divided among the passengers. Recently both such stands were increased by the RTOs.

Electronic meters will have to be recalibrated within 45 days of a fare hike being announced, failing which drivers will be fined and their meters confiscated. RTOs will be directed to conduct regular checks outside railway stations and places where cases of refusal are high and impose penalties of up to Rs 1500 on drivers who refuse passengers. 

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