Auto unions to protest against hike in petrol price tomorrow

May 28, 2012, 07:14 IST | A Correspondent

Autorickshaw unions have decided to raise their voice against the recent petrol price hike with a demonstration tomorrow

Thousands of protesting autorickshaw drivers will go to the District Collector’s Office from Hamal Panchayat via Mandai and submit a memorandum protesting against the fuel hike. 

“Fare hike followed by fuel hike is not the solution. We want to pressure the government and not commuters by using the tool of strike,” Nitin Pawar, convener of the Rickshaw Panchayat Union, said. “It is a fact that the recent hike is affecting all the autorickshaw unions and fare should increase by three rupees, but we will think about it later.”

Rs 3 fare hike demand
Bapu Bhave, president of Rickshaw Federation, said, “We have demanded a Rs 3 hike per kilometre. Many commuters are asking why rickshaw drivers are not opting for CNG, which is cheaper. It is because of shortage of CNG that more than 50 per cent of the autorickshaws are on petrol. We have put our fare hike demand before the Regional Transport Authority.”

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