Avoid that red in the Face-book syndrome

Jun 11, 2013, 00:04 IST | Kanika Sharma

Facebook is the land of much gossip, fun and many many embarrassments. You might have been tagged as a tree or blushed to the roots 'coz of that near-naked picture of your colleague. Kanika Sharma doles out six symptoms that can make you gag on your own gizmo!

‘Yo’ isn’t hip anymore
The biggest reality in people’s lives is that they evolve. A 25-year-old’s idea of fun is very different from the 50-year-old MD of a company. The MD might not want to be reminded on a social media platform that 25 years ago he had worn a girl’s dress and danced at a friend’s crazy party.

The new Deepak Chopra
Calling yourself a ‘guru’ of any kind-- and giving illustrations from your friend’s life can be extremely annoying. For instance, you become a relationship guru, and post “remember the time ‘A’ completely bungled up with ‘Y’…folks from batch of ’98, are you with me?”

Baby, baby, baby...ooh!
Believe it or not, the biggest threat to your reputation is too much of straight from the horse’s mouth syndrome. Yes, it is lovely when you announce about marriage, a baby, coming out of the closet and miscellaneous matters...but I AM NOT INTERESTED in what you had for dinner, the lingerie brand you wear or if you just bumped right into your ex. With many relatives, colleagues and even seniors on your network, this is entirely un-cool.

No, I don’t look like Kareena Kapoor
The Facebook Photo tagging feature is a deadly weapon in the hands of those who wish to create just the right amount of embarrassment. A funny photo with the right kind of tag can get conversations among friends flowing like nobody’s business. And, with the easy access to meme creation softwares on mobile phones and the web, creativity knows no bounds.

From straight to twisted
People often jump the gun just because they got, one random night, one hot shoulder to cry on. From people getting into ‘complicated’ relationships to same-sex relationship proclamations for heterosexual folks or forced relationships by boys on girls (and vice versa) and quips to counter that, will make friends cringe.

I hate !@#$%^
This would be like opening a virtual consumer redressal forum, without the intent or power to follow-up and get things done. It’s misleading and people don’t like to be misled. Sooner, than later, people lose interest and start ignoring; unless real change happens!

Information courtesy: Harshil Karia, Online Strategist & Co-founder, FoxyMoron & Reeta Gupta, Founder, The Network, a communication and media consultancy 

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