Awareness effect behind increased dengue cases

Published: 16 November, 2012 06:48 IST | Anup Satphale |

Slightest fever sends people to seek medical opinion and get added to list

The number of suspected dengue cases in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits since November 1 till date, has surpassed the total number witnessed in the entire month of October. In the past 15 days, 295 suspected dengue cases are reflecting in the PMC’s report as compared to the 270 cases registered in October. According to the regional director from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, awareness about dengue has had an effect and brought about this increased number of cases.

Since January this year, the death audit committee has confirmed that eight people succumbed to dengue, out of which two victims were from rural areas.
D D Malekar, regional director from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said, “Awareness seems to have prompted more persons to approach hospitals for medical aid and has brought to light more suspected dengue cases.

This has also given rise to the earlier recorded numbers. Considering present observations, regular awareness drives have increased alertness in residents leading them to immediately consult doctors, and these numbers are being added to the list of recorded and suspected cases each day.” According to Dr Pradip Awate, assistant director health, “The slightest fever leads to thoughts of dengue and this has been leading to an increase in the number of persons seeking to get lab tests done. These are being counted and therefore the number of suspected cases are showing an increase.”

Doctors in the city believe that the reducing temperature this time of the year could also be playing a part and adding to these numbers to a certain extent. “The climate is not increasing the number of dengue cases in the city, but fever due to other ailments has been prompting people to visit hospitals for check ups, subsequently showing an increase in the number of suspected cases.”

According to doctors, the number of dengue cases will gradually decrease as the climate changes. Awate said, “For mosquitoes, the ideal temperature for successful breeding is 37 degrees with humidity of around 80 to 82 per cent. The number of patients coming in will reduce considering that the current average temperature and humidity has dropped.”

Cases this year
January: 1
February: 0
March: 0
April: 1
May: 4
June: 12
July: 13
August: 31
September: 137
October: 270
November: 295
Total cases: 764 

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