Ayesha Takia vs Sidhartha Mallya

Feb 08, 2012, 08:19 IST | Hiren Kotwani

The actress and the young industrialist clashed on a social networking site on Monday over his airline staff's apparent misbehaviour towards her sister, Natasha

The actress and the young industrialist clashed on a social networking site on Monday over his airline staff's apparent misbehaviour towards her sister, Natasha

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Kingfisher scion Sidhartha Mallya got a taste of the adage on Monday after Ayesha Takia slammed him on a social networking site for attacking her personally on the same platform.

How it started
Ayesha's sister Natasha apparently went thought some harrowing experience on her way from Nepal to Mumbai via Delhi. The actress took to Twitter to complain against Kingfisher Airlines' service and that caused Mallya Jr to post some rather personal and sarcastic comments about her on the same site. However, the social medium saw a number of people rushing to support Ayesha and even questioned Sidhartha's comments against her.

What they said
Ayesha's first tweet read: "The worst airline, kingfisher...This disgustingly behaved kingfisher staff called Vinay Podwal just tore my sister's boarding pass n misbehaved with her." To this, Sidhartha retorted, "Been getting retweets about Ayesha Takia and KFA. Not too sure who she is, an actor of some sorts?" This was enough to anger Ayesha as she thundered online, "I will rant Sidharth Mallya, what will you do? This is your way of dealing with hospitality business? Wow! Learn manners and respect." By then, Mallya was also getting a lot of flak from the public for his reaction to the episode and eventually he backed off.

Ayesha speaks...
"We're definitely going to send a letter to the company and take them to court for the rude treatment that my sister faced. If this is the way a common person travelling economy class is treated, then I will stand up against the airline.

I'm thankful to the people who supported me on Twitter, and many of them said that they've gone through similar experiences," the actress says. However, declining to react about Sidhartha, Ayesha maintained, "I didn't start any personal attack, so I don't want to comment on any particular person. The way they treated my sister is shocking. So I think taking the legal route is the right course of action. If anyone takes it personally, it's their problem."


Recounting the incident, Natasha says, "When I went to the Kingfisher counter at Delhi airport, it took me a while to convince them how I ended up missing the connecting flight to Mumbai. They wasted three hours in sending me from counter to counter to get the required note for another ticket. I told Vinay Podwal of the airlines that the airline owes it to me to help me out since the delay of the AI flight and missing my connecting flight from Delhi to Mumbai wasn't my fault."

Natasha also adds that she wasn't feeling too well and her back was hurting by then. She points out, "But he (Vinay) got upset and said that if he wanted he could tear my boarding pass and throw it. I retorted that I didn't think he could do it. But I was shocked that he actually did that, tore my boarding pass and threw it saying he's see what I'd do. That's when I called Ayesha in Mumbai and told my family about the trouble. Finally, I landed in Mumbai at 1.30 am."

The airline defends itself
The airline spokesperson says, "We categorically deny that any of our staff misbehaved with this valued guest. We also deny that any of our staff tore her boarding card/ticket as alleged. The boarding card had in fact not even been handed over to the guest, as she was waitlisted. The guest was treated with full courtesy extended to all our guests at Kingfisher Airlines."

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