Baby girl sneaks out of her home, boards a bus late at night for a snack

Mar 29, 2015, 07:53 IST | Agencies

At 3 am, a four-year-old girl hopped onto a bus in search for a snack

PHILADELPHIA: A four-year-old girl has grabbed her purple raincoat, slipped out of her house at 3 am and hopped onto a bus in search of a snack. Bus driver Harlan Jenifer says the girl swung her legs in a seat as she chanted, “All I want is a slushie.”

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Authorities say the girl’s family didn’t know she had awoken and unlocked the backdoor to start her trek during a downpour early Friday. They found nothing amiss at the house and have no plans to file charges.

The bus driver is a father of three. He says he was scared for the girl but found her adventure funny. He says he knew she was in good hands. He stopped the bus and called police. They took the girl to a hospital, where she was reunited with her mother

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