Baby with swollen head needs 'miracle': Parents

Apr 15, 2013, 14:42 IST | AFP

Parents of an 18-month-old child suffering from Hydrocephalus, are unable to provide medical treatment from the father's Rs 150 a day wages.

The child Roona Begum lives with her parents Fatima Khatun and Abdul Rahman in the outskirts of Agartala, Tripura.

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain, which results in swelling. 

Fatima Khatun with her child
Fatima Khatun with her child suffering from Hydrocephalus; Pic AFP/Arindam Dey

Working in a brick factory, the father says, that he prays for "a miracle" that will save his only child. Doctors has adviced him to go to a specialist hospital in Kolkata to get medical help.

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